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This wildly popular side dish could KILL you

The biggest question facing the nation today has nothing to do with politics, money, religion, or even sex.

It’s the six words you’re almost guaranteed to hear when you sit down at a restaurant.

“Would you like fries with that?”

Let’s make it simple — because as tempting as those fries might be, make sure the answer is NO!

The latest research shows how a French fry habit could be worse for you than a serious drug habit. (And given how hard it is to stop eating fries, they might be as addictive as a hard drug habit, too.)

They’re so bad that eating French fries could actually KILL you. Chowing down on them just twice a week will DOUBLE your risk of dying too soon, according to the new study of 4,400 older eaters tracked for eight years.

The study doesn’t show why the risk is there, but I’ll bet there are two main reasons for it.

First, frying up potatoes triggers a chemical process in the spud, which leads to the creation of advanced glycation end products. They’re called AGEs for short, and that’s a darn good abbreviation, because that’s exactly what they do.

They AGE you — rapidly — from the inside.

The more AGEs you’re exposed to, the higher your risk of chronic disease and an early death.

And second, the problem isn’t just the fries themselves.

It’s what they’re served with: junky processed meals, often some kind of low-quality, chemical-laden patty on a bun. And all of it — the entire meal, really — is usually drowning in “special sauce” or some other dreadful condiment created to cover up the lifeless taste of all those ugly processed foods.

Even without fries, that stuff will kill you!

Supposedly, OTHER types of potatoes — like baked potatoes and tater salad — won’t send you straight to the grave, and maybe that’s true.

But they can certainly help push you part of the way there — because even if other types of potatoes won’t directly increase your risk of death, they can do a number on you in other ways.

Taters in any form will cause a spike in blood sugar — leading to damage throughout the body, including in your arteries and even your brain — and ultimately set the stage for insulin resistance and diabetes.

If you’re a meat-and-potatoes man, it’s time to give your favorite dish a divorce.

Keep the meat.

But leave the potatoes where they belong: buried underground, so you don’t end up buried underground yourself.

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