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Why your diets always fail

You’ve cut fat, counted calories, and maybe even let Jenny Craig serve you what tastes like wet cardboard for dinner.

You’ve struggled, starved, and had a stomach rumbling so loud it could be felt on the Richter Scale.

After days… weeks… even months of this, what did you have to show for it?


If you’ve ever stepped on the scale after what felt like an eternity of starving yourself only to find you’ve barely lost any weight at all, I’ve got news for you today.

You’re not alone.

New research shows why it’s so tough — maybe even downright IMPOSSIBLE — to lose weight on mainstream diet plans, and it’s not because of what’s on your plate or in your belly.

It’s in your brain!

The study on mice shows how your own noggin secretly works to undermine your weight loss efforts — and the harder you try, the more it fights you.

When you cut back on calories, the brain resets your body’s inner thermostat. If there’s less energy coming in, it burns less overall to make up for it.

The result?

You don’t lose weight.

Don’t be too mad at your brain cells; they’re just trying to protect you. It’s a built-in failsafe to help you get by when there’s a limited food supply.

But these days, all it’s really doing is blocking your weight loss.

Even worse, it also triggers your appetite, telling — even URGING — you to eat so you get more calories.

Eventually, you cave and gobble up everything in sight.

I know all this can make it sound like it’s downright impossible to lose weight.

Stop eating, and your body will slow down and stop you from burning calories. Keep eating, and every little bite will end up on your hips and butt.

You’re darned if you do, and darned if you don’t!

But there’s another way.

You can eat, eat, eat until you’re satisfied and NEVER have to worry about counting calories, limiting your portions or cutting back on salt and fat.

The secret? It’s the same low-carb diet you’ve read so much about right here in the Daily Dose.

The brain actually responds to the lack of carbohydrates by turning UP the heat so you actually burn more fat and lose more weight… and because you can eat your favorite foods without counting calories, you can actually stick to this diet and love every minute of it.

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