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EXPOSED: How dying cancer patients are exploited

I don’t know about you, but I want a doc who’s a straight shooter.

Let me know what I’m up against. Lay out my options. And don’t soft-peddle it… even if it looks like there are no options and I’m about to cash out.

Well, friend, too many docs aren’t doing that.

When you’re about to cash out, they’re trying to cash in — squeezing every penny they can out of you and your insurer until your very last breath.

New research exposes how unethical doctors push painful, heartbreaking, and traumatic treatments on dying patients with advanced cancer… in many cases, knowing full well those treatments WON’T extend or improve lives.

Instead of a calm, quiet, and dignified end, patients are getting torture, as family members are forced to look on in horror.

This new study of 847 dying veterans with advanced cancer looked at two key factors in their final month: outcomes and loved ones.

They found that three-quarters of the patients were pushed into aggressive, last-ditch treatments including chemotherapy and mechanical ventilation, despite the fact that these are rarely recommended for patients at death’s door.

And sure enough, the outcomes confirmed it.

Despite these painful therapies, the dying veterans didn’t live so much as a second longer than the patients given the peace and respect they deserved.

Of course, docs already knew that would happen.

We already have studies that show one final last-ditch rush of sickening chemo and such won’t help dying end-stage patients.

But it WILL make them sicker and even more miserable than they already are, turning their final days into a living nightmare.

In the other part of the study, the loved ones who had to watch this ugly process unfold helped to expose this sickening scam for the brazen money grab that it is.

Asked to rate the end-of-life care given to their loved ones afterward, they let these doctors and hospitals have it. Almost universally, family members of those given aggressive treatments gave much lower satisfaction scores, compared to family members of those allowed to move on to the next world with some dignity.

I know it’s hard to think clearly when watching a loved on go into those final days — and maybe tougher still if that loved one is you.

No one can tell you what’s best for you. That’s a decision for you and your family.

But make sure those are the ONLY people who make the final call… NOT some pushy doc or hospital trying to squeeze a few more dollars out of you.

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