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Tumors LOVE this common ingredient

Losing a tooth is expensive and painful, and the replacement never quite feels right.

But there’s one tooth you should gladly surrender and NEVER replace, even if it’s the last one you have left.

Your sweet tooth!

Sugar won’t just plump you up like the main attraction at a pig roast. It’ll also put you in the express lane for chronic life-ruining diseases including diabetes.

And now, the latest research exposes how a sugar habit can lead directly to some of the deadliest diseases of all.

Cancers of the lung… esophagus… head… neck… and cervix.

You don’t want ANY cancer, of course.

But you REALLY don’t want any of these forms of the disease.

Lung cancer alone kills two and half times more Americans than breast and prostate cancer COMBINED. It’s six times deadlier than all forms of leukemia added up together… and 10 times deadlier than bladder cancer.

While it’s normally linked to smoking, it’s been on the rise in non-smokers — and the latest research shows how the real “smoking gun” just might be a cloud of sugar dust.

In an analysis of data from The Cancer Genome Atlas, researchers found that squamous cell carcinomas — including the ones involved in many lung cancers — can hijack a specific protein inside your body.

It’s called GLUT1, and it brings glucose into cells, which they can burn off for energy.

But when those sugar-hungry cancers start to form, they get GLUT1 to bring the sweet stuff directly into the tumor, which uses the glucose to grow into a killer.

That helps explain earlier studies that found sugar increases the overall risk of lung cancer by 81 percent and DOUBLES the risk of the squamous cell form of the disease.

Other studies show that numerous forms of cancer — even certain breast, prostate, pancreatic, and colorectal tumors — are just as hungry for sugar.

And when they get fed, they GROW.

Clearly, if you have any of these cancers in their earliest stages — or even are at risk for them — you want to cut off their fuel supply by ditching sugar.

The researchers behind the new study are even talking about drugs that shut down GLUT1 to starve the tumor, and in experiments on mice, short-circuiting the protein did just that.

But why wait for it to reach that point?

Given how deadly these cancers are, don’t mess around… because once you have one of these cancers, you might not be able to stop it.

Quit sugar now, and steal their fuel. It’s the best and, in some cases, possibly the only way to slash your risk of this disease and save your life.

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