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The DARK SIDE of meditation

I’m sure you’ve seen the breathless flood of “studies” in recent years that claim meditation offers some kind of magical protection against just about everything.

But it turns out all that chanting has a dark side, and not just the fact that sitting around in a stinky room repeating gibberish will rob you of your sanity.

It could actually make you ANGRY and UNHAPPY, too!

A new study from Brown University finds that some people who try meditation get the exact opposite of the inner peace they’re looking for.

They report sensations including fear, anxiety, and panic.

So much for inner peace!

Some literally lose sleep over these problems — battling insomnia because of their meditation — and that may not even be the worst of it.

The new study also finds that meditation can lead to involuntary movements and nervous tics. Some people even report hypersensitivity to light or sound.

Imagine that. You sign up for classes to help give you some calm or because you read somewhere that meditation can fight depression, ease pain, and cut blood pressure — but instead, you turn into a herky-jerky weirdo losing control over your emotions and shrinking from light.

But who knows? Maybe that’s not caused by the meditation itself.

Some of that anger, fear, and panic might be a product of what happens when you realize what you’ve gotten yourself into!

Many meditation classes — even the “free” ones — aren’t run by hippies looking to make the world a better place and spread their love of chanting by candlelight.

They often lead directly to a high-pressure sales pitch for a “course” that costs big money to help fund some cult.

Some of them charge nearly $1,000 after that “free” class… then, if they realize you still have some scratch left in your bank account, they’ll even pressure you into joining them.

Hope you like ponytails and tambourines!

There’s nothing wrong with taking a few minutes to enjoy a little peace and quiet, and no doubt a little relaxation time is the perfect tonic to ease everyday stress.

But you certainly don’t need to join a class or pay big money to learn a secret word to enjoy a few calming moments and all the benefits that come with it.

Just kick back, let your breathing slow naturally, close your eyes, and savor the silence.

And if you’re really looking for a relaxing activity that can help make you happier and healthier, don’t join a cult. Get a puppy instead.

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