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Is your brain EATING itself?

It sounds like something right out of sci-fi horror movie: A condition in which your brain turns into a cannibal.

It starts to eat ITSELF… right inside your head!

But this isn’t the crazy plot of a summer thriller. It’s not even a bizarre new disease from a tropical jungle.

It’s a REAL condition — and you could have it right NOW.

New research shows how missing out on sleep can cause certain cells in the brain to start gobbling each other up, setting the stage for the kind of damage seen in Alzheimer’s disease and other brain-melting disorders.

Your brain has its own sanitation team that gets to work on damaged cells, either making repairs or swallowing them up so they don’t stick around and cause problems.

For the most part — when you GET your sleep — this crew works effortlessly.

But experiments on mice show how these loyal workers can turn on you like a rabid dog if you don’t get the shuteye you need.

As you lose sleep, cells that are supposed to prune your synapses end up pruning everything they can get their paws on. Their activity jumps by a third when you miss out on short-term sleep… and it DOUBLES with chronic sleep loss.

One of the researchers behind the study said essential parts of the brain are literally “eaten” by these crazed cells.

And while your synapses are being swallowed up whole, something else is happening. Another set of cells that’s supposed to sweep out garbage also goes off the rails and starts sweeping out everything.

But don’t take too much comfort in the fact that this study was done on mice. Those overactive sweeper cells are EXACTLY what we’ve seen in HUMANS with dementia!

And if you’re missing out on sleep yourself, this could be going on to some degree inside your own brain right now… and you might not even realize it until it’s too late and the damage is irreversible.

It’s time to get serious about sleep, my friend.

If you’re having trouble with shuteye, start with the basics. A little warm milk can be just the recipe, especially with a splash of brandy (and when I say a splash, I mean it — heavy drinking will ruin sleep, not improve it).

Sometimes, however, you need a little more help.

Melatonin is called the “sleep hormone” for a darn good reason: You need it to sleep!

When your own body isn’t cranking out the melatonin you need for good sleep, give it a boost with a supplement. It’ll cost pennies a day, and it works like a dream.

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