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The drug that WON’T save your life!

In ANY other industry, this would be a massive fraud.

But in mainstream medicine, it’s business as usual!

New research reveals that a drug that does sales by the BILLIONS doesn’t do a thing to help many of the people who are practically forced to take it.

Doctors push cholesterol-lowering statin drugs so hard that you think they’re on commission. They even push them on otherwise health seniors who’ve never had so much as a hint of a heart problem.

He’ll swear you need them. He’ll promise they’ll cut your heart risk. He’ll vow that the side effects are overblown.

But the new study finds he’s WRONG!

These meds are given out to older folks so often that they’re almost an automatic when you hit a certain age. But believe it or not, they’ve never TRULY been tested in otherwise healthy patients for so-called “primary prevention.”

That’s just what it sounds like: A drug that’s supposed to prevent a first heart attack from happening so you’re never at risk for a second one.

These folks were all 65 or older and with no real sign of heart disease, but all had cholesterol levels well above the mainstream’s optimum range (which is no real surprise since that target is set impossibly low to begin with).

Nevertheless, they faithfully swallowed their pills during the study — for SIX YEARS.

Some of the ones taking the statins, no doubt, also had to pay the price — and I don’t mean coughing up their copays for their meds. They had to suffer through the infamous side effects, including muscle pain, brain fog, sex problems, and more.

These drugs can even CAUSE diabetes!

And for all that risk, what’d these folks have to show for it six years later?

A slightly HIGHER risk of death as they got older!

This wasn’t a significant difference, according to the researchers, but it was there. And even if you accept that the drug might not KILL you, the study shows they won’t SAVE you, either.

In fact, it finds absolutely NO benefit from the meds in otherwise healthy older patients.

Not some benefit. Not even a small benefit.


So, if your own doc is waving those pills at you and making wild promises about what they can do — and even threats about what’ll happen if you don’t toe the line and take them — grab a copy of JAMA Internal Medicine.

It’s of the most respected mainstream medical journals of all, and you can wave this study right back at him.

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