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What you need to know about summer pneumonia

Summer’s just about here, and that means it’s time to start preparing for… pneumonia season???

No, old Jack ain’t losing his mind.

I know it’s hard to believe, but the worst time of year for this dangerous and even deadly infection isn’t the dead of winter, as you’d think.

It starts toward the end of SUMMER.

That means we’re just a couple months away from the “danger zone,” when you could pick up an infection with pneumonia bacteria that could lead to serious illness, lengthy hospitalization, and even death.

And new research shows it’s about to get a whole lot worse.

Don’t worry. I’m not going to let you hack and wheeze yourself into an early grave, and I’ll have just the ticket out of this mess in a moment.

But first, startling new numbers show how antibiotics are failing at a stunning rate for pneumonia.

Right now, nearly one in four cases of pneumonia in adults DON’T respond to the drugs.

These aren’t already sickly patients who picked the infection up in hospitals, which are notorious for letting nasty germs like pneumonia fly around like confetti.

This study focused on people who got sick while out and about and on their own — and 22 percent of the time, the main treatment for the infections in these relatively healthy people AREN’T WORKING.

That means they end up on a second drug, which is no picnic either.

Sure, it MIGHT cure the pneumonia… but it could also lead to a new infection with a nasty superbug germ like C. diff that’ll require even MORE drugs or even kill you.

But the biggest risk of a failed treatment isn’t that you end up sicker for longer… it could mean you end up DEADER even FASTER!

Pneumonia is a top 10 cause of death, deadlier than kidney disease. It claims some 50,000 Americans every year, and nearly ALL of them are seniors, many of whom no doubt failed on one drug and never had a chance to try a second one.

Don’t mess around with this one.

Arm your immune system now so it’s locked, loaded, and ready to wipe out these bacteria BEFORE they have a chance to make you sick.

First, load up on vitamin D, because the sunshine vitamin can slash your risk of acute respiratory infections — including pneumonia — by 40 percent.

And second, make sure you have normal zinc levels, because falling short in this mineral will increase your risk of both getting the disease and dying of it. One study found proper zinc will slash the risk of death from pneumonia by 39 percent.

Your doc can check your levels to see how much you need.

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