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Ease your knees with this natural therapy

Tell your doc about knee pain, and he’ll spring into action with a smile.

He’ll seem so confident you’ll have no reason to doubt what he’s about to sell you on next.

Well, friend, don’t trust that easy smile and cool confidence. Just about EVERYTHING he offers either won’t work or packs risks (or both).

And now, the latest research reveals how the very first thing he’ll give you… the number one option right out of the gate given to folks with osteoarthritis of the knees… is already a huge mistake.

It’s NSAID painkillers.

Maybe you’re on them right now for your own knee pain. And if you are, it’s time to make the switch to something better, safer, and just as effective.

The new study shows how plain old chondroitin is EVERY BIT AS GOOD as NSAID painkillers, but with NONE of the stomach-wrecking risks!

This safe, natural remedy went up head-to-head against both a placebo AND celecoxib, a powerful prescription NSAID painkiller you might know better as Celebrex.

After one month… three months… and SIX MONTHS… both the drug and the chondroitin ran rings around the placebo, which is no doubt what the researchers expected to find.

What they probably DIDN’T expect to find is that the chondroitin kept up with the painkiller by just about every measure!

The folks on the chondroitin had the SAME level of pain relief as the ones given the drug.

The Celebrex took effect a little faster when it came to improving joint function, but the overall result was the same.

Yes, it was a match in just about every way… except for the side effects.

NSAIDs — including the one used in this very study — can eat away at the lining of your stomach, leaving you with agonizing ulcers in both the stomach and intestine.

These drugs can even increase your risk of a heart attack!

Chondroitin is far safer — and not only is it just as effective as NSAIDs on its own, it works even better when taken with glucosamine.

You’ll find the pair often sold together in a single supplement.

Many folks with knee pain swear by this combo, and for good reason: It works.

But believe it or not, there’s something even BETTER out there.

UC-II collagen has gone up against glucosamine and chondroitin in studies and come out ahead by just about every measure you care about — so, if you want REAL and LASTING drug-free relief from your knee arthritis, start with a formula built around this stuff.

As always, look for a quality blend from a maker you trust.

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