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Study proves seniors need MORE protein

Forget hurricanes, earthquakes, terrorists, and Russians — forget everything on the “fake news” right now, because there really IS a big threat facing you and your family.

And it’s not ANY of those things!

The real killer, my friend, is official guidelines.

I’m not even making this up. The rules the “health police” practically DEMAND that you follow are scientifically proven to wreck your health.

Low fat? Studies show it’ll actually make YOU fat.

Low salt? Stick to this one, and you could actually die SOONER.

And new research shows how if you follow the recommended levels for protein, you could end up weak and crippled!

Turns out those guidelines WEREN’T created with YOU in mind.

They were cooked up nearly 50 years ago as a one-size-fits-all formula to supposedly meet everyone’s needs all at once.

You know how that works.

They didn’t really give a rat’s tail about seniors. Older folks probably didn’t even come to mind when they thought of “everyone” — so these levels might work for a young adult, but they sure as heck won’t work for you.

As a result, faithfully following the guidelines will leave you badly short of the protein you need to keep essential muscle.

Seniors are getting weak and frail as a result. Between a third and 45 percent of older Americans are battling sarcopenia, a debilitating condition where your muscles practically melt away.

This doesn’t just lead to daily frustrations with everything from getting dressed to opening doors.

It leaves you prone to accidents and injuries.

So forget guidelines.

If you’re a little older, the new study finds you need MORE protein — especially leucine — and certainly not the measly amounts listed in the “recommended daily allowance.”

And if you’re battling chronic illness, you may need even more, since many of those conditions can sap you of your lean muscle, leaving you frail even as you recover.

The only way to get it back is with the healing power of natural protein — and I don’t mean protein bars and those nasty little shakes that taste like chalk and mud mixed with a hint of vanilla.

Get it from honest sources. The best ones are the ones you love anyway, like meat, fish, and eggs.

But don’t miss out on the most essential source of all: delicious, full-fat milk.

It’s not just a healthy source of that all-important protein. Dairy proteins trigger what’s known as the mammalian target of rapamycin, or mTOR.

In plain English, mTOR helps increase the concentration of amino acids in muscle so they can recover and you can sail through your later years feeling half your age.

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