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Protect your heart… in your sleep!

If you want to beat back the double whammy of obesity and heart risk, you can — and you can get started tonight.

And if you want the KEY… start with the letter P.

There are TWO STEPS everyone at risk needs to take. You already know the first one, even if you’ve been putting it off ’til “tomorrow.”

It’s your PLATE.

Change what’s on it, and your risk will plunge. That’s a guarantee.

But today, let’s give that other “P” some long overdue attention. Because new research shows how if you want to get serious… if you want to cut your heart risk and save your own life… you need to get better about your PILLOW habits, too.

Yes, friend, how well you SLEEP is just as important as what you EAT.

It’s so essential that the new study finds poor sleep habits can make a life-or-death difference in older folks with metabolic syndrome.

That’s a smorgasbord of risk factors that’s a little like everything in the circuit breaker going off at once. It’s obesity mixed with high blood pressure, blood sugar, triglycerides, and more.

This condition may not be considered a disease by itself (yet), but it sure acts like one: Metabolic syndrome alone will increase your risk of death from heart attack and stroke by 49 percent and from ANY CAUSE at all by a third over 17 years.

That’s in folks who get all the sleep they need.

Throw poor pillow habits into the mix, and it’s like tossing a match into a pool of gasoline.

The new study finds that if you have metabolic syndrome and get six hours of shuteye or less per night, your risk of death from heart attack or stroke will DOUBLE.

And it’ll almost double your risk of death from any other cause, too.

Like I said, this is serious business.

Poor sleep cuts off your immune system’s recovery time, blocks the body’s ability to flush out toxins, and leads to the all-over inflammation that’s so deadly in patients who already have some degree of heart risk.

Even if you don’t have metabolic syndrome, that’s enough to mess you up good, which is why bad sleep habits can lead to heart problems in healthy people with no other risk factors.

But if you’ve already built up some heart risk from metabolic syndrome, you can’t afford to mess around anymore.

Get your two Ps in order. Fix your plate, and spend more quality time with your pillow, and you’ll bring all of those risks back under control in a flash.

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