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CDC shocker: True toll of dementia exposed

They’re absolutely KILLING us, my friend.

Shocking new numbers direct from the government show the ugly results of the medical mainstream’s complete failure to protect seniors from the ravages of dementia.

This is a disease that can be CAUGHT… SLOWED… STOPPED… and even REVERSED in many cases, especially if you act at the first sign of trouble.

But because these proven science-backed treatments involve NO DRUGS, docs never even mention them!

Now, we’re seeing the toll of this willful ignorance, as new numbers from the CDC show how Alzheimer’s is rapidly turning into a death sentence.

Over the past 20 years, the mortality rate from this disease has skyrocketed by 55 percent!

I’ve already seen all kinds of crackpot theories to explain the risk, including my favorite: This is what happens when people live longer.


U.S. life expectancy has only increased by a measly two years over the past two decades — so that can’t possibly explain such a dramatic jump in the Alzheimer’s death rate.

But I’ll tell you what can.

It’s not age. It’s not the disease. It’s not even better statistics.


There aren’t many drugs out there for Alzheimer’s, but that hasn’t stopped docs from prescribing them anyway.

Over the past two decades — the exact period of this study — many Alzheimer’s patients were routinely put on antipsychotic medications, despite the fact that most of them are NOT approved for the disease.

Then, a couple years back, it was revealed that these meds are actually killing dementia patients, with one of the most popular drugs in this class DOUBLING the risk of death.

Fewer patients are getting the drugs now, thankfully, but many still are, especially in so-called “care” facilities, where more than half of all Alzheimer’s deaths occur, according to the new CDC numbers.

If you have a loved one in one of those joints now, watch their meds like a hawk, and question everything — why it’s needed, what it does, etc. And make sure they’re not being pumped willy-nilly full of off-label antipsychotic meds.

But the best way to prevent death from dementia is to prevent the disease itself. As I mentioned earlier, it CAN be done… if you act FAST.

First, boost your intake of omega-3s. One new study finds these essential fatty acids can increase circulation in key parts of the brain, including the regions you need for memory.

And second, take a quality B complex. Studies show that when taken in the earliest stages of cognitive impairment these nutrients can slow the “brain shrink” that often marks the disease and even improve overall cognition.

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