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Seniors are saying NO to this Big Pharma nightmare

We’re over-tested, over-treated, over-diagnosed, and over-medicated.

We’re given drugs we don’t need for conditions we don’t have… and put through surgeries to “fix” things that often aren’t even broken.

So, it’s no shock to me that ticked-off seniors are finally standing up and saying “ENOUGH!”

Yet the mainstream is acting like this is some kind of crisis.

Up to 40 percent of seniors are now refusing to take their blood-pressure meds — often for some darn good reasons, too — yet mainstream researchers are screaming gloom and doom over this.

The UPI news agency even claimed heart problems caused by the refusal to take meds has become a $100-billion-per-year burden on the economy.

Give me a break!

This study starts off with the assumption that taking those drugs is good, and NOT taking them is bad.

Yet it doesn’t prove either point.

All it proves is what we know: Many people aren’t taking them.

If they REALLY wanted to “prove” that it’s important to gobble those pills, they would’ve tracked both sets of patients and checked the outcomes.

Who had a heart attack? Who didn’t? Who lived? Who died?

Yet they didn’t ask those basic questions, and I think I know why.

They already know the answer… and they don’t like it!

In 2012, a major study did exactly what these clowns refused to do.

Researchers from the highly-respected Cochrane Collaboration looked at data from four studies on folks with stage 1 hypertension, the most common form of the “disease.”

Over an average of between four and five years, the drugs didn’t do ZIP!

Folks who dutifully gobbled their pills didn’t have a lower risk of heart attack… didn’t have fewer strokes… and didn’t live longer than patients given placebos and even folks who got nothing at all.

So, tell me, where’s this $100 billion in heart problems caused by seniors not taking their drugs?

If anything, taking these things costs money and RUINS lives, because they come with major side effects. Some of them make you so woozy that you can stumble over and suffer a painful injury or a debilitating bone break.

In most cases, BP that’s a little high is nothing to worry about. If there IS a problem — if it’s rising suddenly, or jumps so high you can power wash the deck by opening a vein — you don’t need meds.

You need a doc who can figure out what’s causing that jump in BP in the first place.

Clearly, that’s not your typical pill-pushing mainstream hack. Get yourself an experienced naturopathic medical doctor instead.

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