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This step will save your brain from dementia

No pain, no gain?

Only masochists and gym owners believe that!

If your “exercise” involves any degree of blood, sweat, and/or tears, all I can say is: You’re doing it wrong.

TWO new studies reveal the ultimate key to good health, and it’s not knocking yourself around with that kind of “exercise.”

It’s putting your paws to the pavement and going for walk.

No PAIN… but ALL gain, especially in the BRAIN!

One new study shows how a simple walk — nothing intense, literally just walking — can protect against dementia and even improve one of the most common forms of the disease.

And if that’s not enough, a SECOND new study reveals how that same habit can lift your mood and even make you happier than a pig in mud.

The first one looked at folks with mild vascular cognitive impairment, the second most common form of dementia after Alzheimer’s disease.

Folks who walked an hour a day just three times a week for six months had incredible changes in the brain. Scans revealed that neurons that had been collecting dust were suddenly sparking to life and firing on all cylinders again.

And after those six months, these folks had major improvements on cognitive tests.

The biggest improvements were in reaction times, which is important because that doesn’t just show your ability to think.

It’s your ability to think FAST.

That’s REAL MEDICINE for a brain that needs it, my friend — and even if you don’t have this form of dementia, it’s pretty likely this same walking habit will help prevent it.

And that’s not all.

That second new study shows how a walking habit can boost your brain in other ways.

Folks who walk have better overall wellbeing and a lower risk of depression — and while EVERYONE can get that brain boost, the study finds something very important.

The BIGGEST boost in wellbeing comes when folks who’ve been sedentary start walking.

In other words, it’s never too late to get started!

Ready for the key to this? More vigorous activity — even moving up from a walk to a jog — had ZERO effect on wellbeing!

If you want the benefits, you have to keep it light to moderate — and a simple walk is the perfect example of it, with the study finding that a pace of a mile in 20 minutes or less to be just about ideal.

That’s not exactly a pace that’s going to win medals. That’s a stop-and-smell-the-roses pace… or something we can all not only handle, but also enjoy.

Want more benefits? You’ve got it.

Walking — not jogging, running, “spinning,” pumping iron, or any of that other nonsense — can cut your risk of obesity, heart problems, diabetes, stroke, and more.

Now get out and stroll!

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