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How NOT to cure your next cold

Your typical vitamin-hatin’, supplement-bashin’, drug-pushin’ mainstream doc will CLAIM he’s just “following the science.”

If I were science, I’d sue those hacks for defamation!

They don’t follow the science anymore than the left-wing media follows the truth — and the latest research shows how they can’t even get it right when it comes to one of the most basic everyday conditions they treat.

In fact, they flat-out IGNORE the science when it comes to the common cold.

There is ZERO science to show antibiotics work for the common cold.

Not little. Zero. It doesn’t exist, because the cold is caused by a virus and NOT the bacteria that antibiotics treat.

Every doc in the world has known that since Year One of med school.

Yet the new study finds they’re dishing out the drugs anyway, especially to their older patients.

The study out of Canada finds 46 percent of otherwise healthy seniors are given antibiotics for the common cold and other normal non-bacterial infections including acute bronchitis, sinusitis, and laryngitis.

These are conditions where antibiotics are NEVER recommended as the first line of attack.

Even conditions like bronchitis that CAN be caused by bacteria usually AREN’T.

Yet folks with these conditions are getting the drugs anyway — and 70 percent of them are put on the powerful broad-spectrum antibiotics that can cause serious damage to ANYONE, but ESPECIALLY to older patients.

You know how ordinary antibiotics can leave you with a case of the runs so bad you might not be able to “run” to the toilet in time.

But these are even worse.

Broad-spectrum antibiotics are so effective at wiping out bacteria that the only things left in your gut could be powerful drug-resistant superbugs.

With the competition cleared out by the antibiotics, the superbugs can take control… and suddenly, you’re not battling a cold anymore.

You’ve got a potentially deadly infection with a germ such as Clostridium difficile!

These drugs can also cause everything from heart problems to tendon ruptures… yet docs are pumping them out for conditions where they know the meds aren’t even needed.

And they claim to follow SCIENCE?

That’s a laugh. They’re IGNORING science, because there are natural treatments that are proven by clinical trials, yet the same docs pushing antibiotics won’t even mention them.

The best of the bunch may be zinc, with a new analysis showing that about 100 mg per day taken via lozenge can cut the duration of the cold by a third or more.

A nasty six-day virus will instead be over in four days or less.

Stock up now, before cold season, so you’ll be armed and ready anytime those nasty illnesses strike… and you’ll be over them so fast you might be able to avoid a trip to the doctor’s office.

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