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Major victory in war on prostate cancer!

I don’t know about you, but I just love seeing some sleazeball get his comeuppance.

And if you’re as big a fan of karma as I am, you’re going to absolutely LOVE the latest news out of the world of cancer.

Turns out some of the crooks who’ve been profiting off FEAR by pushing men through aggressive treatments for harmless prostate cancers are now being FORCED out of business!

This isn’t big government at work. It’s not extra regulations. It’s not even changing guidelines.

Men are just waking up the fact that early-stage tumors DON’T need to be treated… and they’re letting their wallets do the talking.

And now, pricey “proton beam” clinics — many of which specialize in treating prostate cancer — are going belly-up as a result!

A $220 million facility that opened just three years ago in Southern California has filed for bankruptcy protection.

Prior to that, the same thing happened to a proton therapy center at Indiana University. MedPageToday reports that fancy clinics in Georgia and Oklahoma City are also struggling.

Proton beam therapy is supposed to be a better and more advanced form of radiation treatment. And because of that, it has a much bigger price.

While conventional radiotherapy costs as little as $8,000, proton beam treatments can be up to FIFTEEN TIMES more expensive, charging as much as $120,000.

That’s highway robbery when you consider there’s ZERO evidence it’s any better than the plain old normal radiation.

But like I said, this isn’t even about one being better or worse than the other.

It’s about the growing number of men who aren’t being treated at all. They’re no longer scared… and no longer getting hoodwinked into aggressive surgeries, toxic radiation therapies, and poisonous drugs.

These aren’t harmless treatments. They can leave you miserable, battling the double indignities of incontinence and impotence.

Why live with that when you don’t have to?

The science on this is crystal clear: Most prostate tumors won’t hurt you, and they certainly won’t kill you.

Sure, if it makes you feel better, you can do “watchful waiting” and let a doc keep tabs on it — just to make sure that low-risk tumor doesn’t start turning aggressive.

But even that may not be necessary in many cases, because most of those tumors are duds.

So, if you’re ever diagnosed with this disease and pressured into treatment, don’t rush off into a proton beam center or any other clinic.

Slow down. Get a second opinion. Get the REAL story.

And if it turns out you don’t need treatment, do the world a favor and help put another greedy clinic out of business.

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