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Urgent new warning over stomach surgery

Weight-loss surgery is marketed as the answer to your body-shrinking prayers. A few quick snips… and the pounds will practically MELT away.

But don’t sign up for that operation yet.

New research reveals a BIG problem with the oh-so-trendy gastric band, and it’s not just the fact that the results are often a bigger disappointment than getting socks for your birthday.

It’s that you might need to go in for that procedure again… and again… and again… and again!

One in five patients who have this operation end up needing MULTIPLE surgeries before docs finally get it right — and it’s not just one extra procedure, either.

On average, the folks who need these “re-operations” end up having nearly FOUR extra surgeries, in addition to the initial one.

That’s FIVE in total.

Those FIVE operations can leave you feeling like you’ve been mauled by a tiger — complete with a swipe mark across the belly, since it requires multiple incisions to drop in the camera, the band, and the equipment needed to strangle off part of your stomach

That shrinks the pouch so, in theory, you eat less.

But clearly, that theory’s taking a beating, since so many people need extra operations to move, replace, or yank out that band.

What’s really shocking here is not just the failure rate.

It’s that this operation was approved back in 2001… is done tens of thousands of times a year… and the mainstream has JUST gotten around to long-term studies on its complications.

“It’s amazing that it’s been 16 years and now we have our first longitudinal study,” the study’s lead author, Dr. Andrew Ibrahim, told the ABC News.

Yes. “Amazing” is certainly ONE word for it.

It’s almost as if the industry didn’t want people to know the real risks — or, for that matter, the costs, since it turns out those additional operations are actually MORE EXPENSIVE than the initial procedure.

It’s so bad that the researchers say 77 percent of Medicare money spent on gastric band operations is now on RE-operations.

That’s just plain insanity.

Of course, they’re not giving up on surgery yet. They’re saying that if this is too risky for you, try one of those other stomach-shrinking surgeries out there instead.

Give me a break!

ALL of them have risks, and some of them are downright nuts.

Another new study, for example, finds that 20 percent of the folks who have the Roux-en-Y gastric bypass operation end up battling serious booze problems, including full-blown alcoholism.

Who needs it? You want to lose weight, there’s no magic trick. Eat better, and eat less, and you’ll get there… no risks, all benefit.

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