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New push to POISON women

Ladies, it seems like the impossible dream… something we ALL want, but CAN’T get.

You want a metabolism that burns so hot the fire department will come rushing to the scene.

Instead, you end up with one so sluggish you might gain weight just THINKING about food.

Well, the mainstream has an answer for you… just be sure to never ask them the question… because their “answer” is to POISON you with a TOXIC drug!

New research claims the breast cancer drug tamoxifen can fight the metabolic problems that so often strike after menopause.

In a series of experiments, researchers yanked the ovaries out of a bunch of rats to simulate life after menopause.

Then, they pumped some of the critters full of this bad-news med… and, sure, they actually got a little boost. They had better insulin control, less weight gain and less fat plumping up the liver.

Those are ALL things you should want.

But not from this drug!

Tamoxifem should be cut back… wiped out… and even eliminated, because it’s not even a good med for its original purpose, and that’s cutting the risk of breast cancer.

While the mainstream likes to tout numbers that show the drug can cut the risk of the disease, in most cases it’s just slashing the odds of the non-serious and non-deadly ductal carcinoma in situ, which often doesn’t even need treatment.

So, the REAL proof isn’t in the disease rates. It’s in SURVIVAL rates, and that’s where this thing flunks in a big way.

In one major long-term study, 81 percent of women treated for breast cancer who took the drug for a decade were still alive 15 years after the surgery.

That sounds good, until you see that 79 percent of the women who DIDN’T take the drug were also alive.

That’s not a benefit. That’s a rounding error.

If that tiny benefit came with no risks, you might swallow that pill for 10 years anyway.

But you know that’s not the story here.

A 2009 study found that giving the drug to 1,000 similar women would lead to 21 cases of endometrial cancer, 21 blood clots and 31 cataracts, while another dozen women would battle sexual problems.

That’s 1 in 10 women suffering from serious problems — and many more would end up battling hot flashes all over again, even if they THOUGHT they left menopause in the rear-view mirror ages ago.

And they want to give this drug to MORE women for MORE conditions???


If you’re battling metabolic problems including insulin control and fatty liver, you’ve got a far simpler and much safer option.

You won’t find it in a pill bottle.

It’s on your dinner plate.

Make the switch to a high-fat, low-carb diet, and your metabolism will start burning so hot that you’ll lose fat, drop weight, and bring your blood sugar levels back under control.

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