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Heartburn drugs can destroy your kidneys

I hope you have a grand old time tomorrow with some brews, baseball, and BBQ for Memorial Day… just don’t overdo it, or you might be paying the price come Tuesday.

You know what I’m talking about.

The old acid monster can rear its ugly head, and you’ll be left battling the misery of heartburn, indigestion, and reflux.

I bet the “purple pill” and other stomach acid drugs are selling like hot dog buns right now — just make sure you’re not lining up the buy these things yourself.

Because while they can certainly help cut acid levels and bring quick relief, that short-term gain comes with long-term pain, especially in older folks.

One study even found these drugs can more than DOUBLE the risk of kidney failure in seniors.

Naturally, the drug-loving media is already busy downplaying that risk. I saw one report that pointed out the “overall” risk was less than one percent. That’s “overall” as in everyone… including PEOPLE WHO DIDN’T TAKE THE DRUG!

You read that right. To get below that “low” one percent figure they averaged out everyone in the study — those who took the drug, and those who didn’t. If there were a jail for math crimes, whoever cooked that number up should get life without parole!

Those who DIDN’T take the drug suffered kidney failure at a rate of just .54 percent. Those who DID take it, on the other hand, suffered it at a rate of 1.349 percent, which is the only number that REALLY matters.

Instead of a “low” risk, that means you’ve got better than a 1 in 100 chance of going to the ER for kidney failure if you’re a senior on a PPI. And for every 300 seniors on the drug, four will suffer from kidney failure.

If that were the only risk linked the drug, I’d say keep off them — but that’s not the only risk, and it’s not even the biggest risk. These drugs can suck the calcium and magnesium out of your body, leading to everything from bone breaks to heart problem.

I’ve got a better solution that involves no drugs and no risk: Get yourself a juicer and squeeze out some soothing cabbage juice. Drink eight ounces at a time until you feel better.

And next time there’s a big cookout… try to keep an eye on what you’re eating so you’re not left fighting the acid monster the next day.

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