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The amino acid that could save your brain

Pity the life of a lab mouse — all day running through mazes, hunting for a little piece of cheese.

But sometimes, it sure can feel as if we have a lot in common with those doomed little critters. We’re trapped in our own maze, spending out days hunting down our own cheese.

Until the day comes when you can’t find it anymore.

It’s not just the cheese and keys. When your gourd really starts to hollow out, you might not be able to find your own home anymore!

When you feel your mind start to slip, you KNOW what’s coming — but your own doc will tell you there’s almost nothing you can do about it.

Well, friend, I’m here to tell you there may be nothing HE can do it about it. But there’s plenty YOU can do — and new research spots one simple step you can take right now to protect your noggin from the ravages of dementia.

It’s taurine, an amino acid you’ll find in all your favorite foods: meat, fish and even cheese. And once you hear about the research on this powerful nutrient, you’ll want an extra serving of everything on that list (especially the cheese).

In the new study, mice with Alzheimer’s disease had lost the ability to navigate a maze. But once they were given a daily dose of taurine, they were running through it like nothing happened.

They knew the maze like the backs of their hands… or at least paws.

But what happened in that maze isn’t nearly as impressive as what happened inside their brains.

Prior to the taurine treatments, they had all the telltale signs of dementia in the brain — the infamous beta amyloid plaques that keep you from your cheese.

Once the taurine kicked in, however, those plaques were wiped out.

It was as if the mice had never had dementia at all.

Could the same thing happen in your brain? It’s too soon to tell — but why wait around for more research?

The Japanese get more taurine than anyone else thanks to a diet heavy in squid, octopus and shellfish and they just so happen to live longer, healthier lives than anyone else.
And they have a lower risk of dementia to boot.

You probably won’t come close to those levels in your diet without moving to Tokyo, so talk to your doc about a supplement — they’re cheap, safe and easy to find.

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