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New LIES about red meat pushed by the media

Take the dust cover off your grill, clean that sucker out, and get ready to light it up — because Memorial Day is just around the corner.

Nothing… and I mean NOTHING… kicks off the summer like a perfectly seared steak fresh off the grill!

I know, I know. You just saw the headlines. You can’t have steak now, because red meat will kill you, right?

All I can say is ignore the old “fake news” machine as it kicks into overdrive, because this new study isn’t even worth using as butcher paper.

The researchers behind this mess CLAIM that eating red meat too often will increase your risk of death by 26 percent.

You name it, red meat is going to somehow cause it, including heart disease, cancer, and stroke… three of the nation’s top killers.

In case that’s not terrifying enough, they also claim red meat will boost your odds of respiratory disease, diabetes, kidney disease, and liver disease.

Think they’re done yet? NOPE!

If all THAT doesn’t scare the steak sauce out of you, they’re also blaming red meat for death from Alzheimer’s disease and even INFECTION, according to the study in BMJ.

I’m surprised they didn’t find a link between red meat and death by meteor strike, manhole explosion, and serial killer, too.

This study is bogus for any one of a dozen reasons and then some — but the biggest red flag here is that it found NO DIFFERENCE in the risk of death between processed meats and unprocessed meats.

In other words, someone who cooks fresh beef has the SAME RISK of disease and death as a guy stuffing his face with Big Macs every day.

You don’t need a science degree to know that’s a load of McRib!

If you want the REAL story, take a look at another new study that isn’t generating anything close to the same number of headlines, no doubt because it doesn’t feed the media’s tree-hugging sprout-loving veg-friendly narrative.

This one, published in the highly-respected journal Preventive Medicine, finds that eating a lot of meat… a little meat… none at all… or even going complete vegan DIDN’T make so much as a second’s worth of difference in longevity.

This wasn’t some stacked-the-deck study of younger and healthier people, either. The average age was 62 and the folks were tracked for an average of six years… and yet even in this group of folks already at risk of heart problems, none of those diets made a difference.

So, go ahead and eat your steak.

And if you want to melt some cheese on it, you can do that too… because I’ve got ANOTHER new study you need to see coming up later today.

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