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Dairy fat is good for you!

Love dairy as much as I do? Then I’ve got some good MOOOOOOOOOS to share with you today, my friend.

You don’t have to skim the fat anymore, because new research shows how it’s not bad for you at all.

That means it’s time to toss out the skim milk and bring back the fresh, full-fat moo juice you’ve been missing.

Heck, use the heavy cream if you want.

Love cheese? That’s back on the menu, too… and not that pale and miserable low-fat “processed cheese food” junk.

You can eat the REAL stuff your doc has warned you away from.

And if you like yogurt, you’re no longer limited to the watered-down tasteless low-fat supermarket stuff served in a puddle of fruit crud. You can get honest-to-goodness full-fat yogurt — the kind of stuff so good it doesn’t need any sugared-up fruit goo to improve the taste.

Despite all those supposedly unhealthy fats, dairy — REAL dairy, not the low-fat counterfeits — WON’T boost your risk of heart problems, including cardiovascular disease.

In fact, eating full-fat fresh dairy won’t increase your risk of death from any cause at all!

The new review of 29 studies involving close to 1 MILLION people tracked for some 35 years finds all the saturated fats in dairy at the absolute WORST are a neutral, which means it won’t increase your risks.

And at best?

Well, break out your favorite yogurts and cheeses, because the study in the European Journal of Epidemiology finds fermented dairy products could CUT your risk of both heart attack and stroke.

The researchers seem STUNNED by their own findings.

But I’m not.

Full-fat dairy is filling, satisfying and tastes delicious on its own… and studies show folks who eat it end up eating LESS overall as a result.

The low-fat garbage is thin, watery, tasteless, and so unsatisfying that it leads to eating MORE. Even worse, this stuff is so lousy that it has to get dressed up to make it edible… like that nasty puddle of fruit goo added to low-fat yogurt.

And don’t even get me started on low-fat milk.

It’s so disgusting the only way they can sell most of it’s by adding chocolate to it.

So, forget the mainstream conventional wisdom about fats and dairy and get back to eating — and drinking — the fresh and delicious full-fat milk, cheese, and yogurt you never wanted to quit in the first place.

I’ll have one more reason to eat more cheese coming up tomorrow. Keep an eye on your inbox!

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