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The deadly secret of over-the-counter pain pills

I get it.

We all have our weak moments. We all make bad decisions from time to time… and it’s usually when we’re under pressure.

You KNOW you shouldn’t be gobbling painkiller drugs.

But when pain hits you hard, what you “know” goes flying out the window.

So, you reach behind the bathroom mirror for some NSAID painkillers. You might even be tricked into thinking the drugs are safe when you get some relief and the world doesn’t come to an end.


Well, friend, it’s working in ways more than you might realize — it’s working you over!

New research exposes the frightening truth about common over-the-counter pain pills, revealing how taking the drugs JUST ONCE could set you up for a heart attack.

The new study finds some of the world’s most popular over-the-counter NSAIDs, including the naproxen in Aleve and the ibuprofen in Advil and Motrin, can sucker-punch you right in the ticker.

Taking ibuprofen — at any dose — for between a day and a week will increase your risk of a heart attack by 48 percent.

Naproxen is supposed to be the SAFER drug, right? That’s what your doc might tell you.

Not so much!

The study finds this one will increase that same risk by 53 percent.

Higher doses will lead to higher risks, as will taking the drugs for longer than a week. Heck, maybe just LOOKING at these drugs will increase your heart risk!

The researchers claim you shouldn’t stress it too much, since the overall odds of a heart problem are low.


The risk of getting hit by lightning is low, too. But when I hear thunder, you can bet your pants I’m hightailing it indoors.

Besides, you can bet those same pants the risk is much higher than the new study lets on.

It didn’t just look at people who might normally have some heart risk to begin with, like older folks. It looked at people between the ages of 40 and 79 in all stages of health.

Statistically speaking, a healthy 40-year-old has only the smallest of risks to begin with, so popping an Advil every now and then might not be a big deal.

But a senior who already has some ticker trouble? All bets are off.

You don’t have to face those risks at any age, because natural painkillers are often just as effective as common meds — and they DON’T pack those heart-stopping risks.

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