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The WINE-POWERED secret to artery protection

This could be the ultimate secret to protecting… extending… and SAVING your life, especially if you have diabetes.

And you’re going to absolutely LOVE where this stuff comes from!

It’s called resveratrol, but you know it better by its nickname: the red wine antioxidant.

Yes, that’s what it sounds like. An antioxidant found in red wine — and the latest research shows how resveratrol could hold the key to protecting one of the most important arteries in your entire body.

Your aorta is the main pipe from your heart, pumping out oxygen-rich blood into the rest of your body, including your brain.

This is literally your lifeblood.

The stiffer the aorta gets, the tougher it is to pump out that blood — and if you’ve got diabetes, odds are it’s practically turning to stone.

That’s where resveratrol comes into the picture.

Overall, the study finds this stuff helps only a little bit… so little, that the researchers say the difference isn’t significant overall.

But don’t put the cork back in the bottle just yet.

When they dug deeper, they found something incredible.

The folks with the stiffest arteries of all — the ones who need help the most — actually get a MAJOR benefit from supplements, and this one IS significant.

In these desperate diabetics, the resveratrol cuts stiffness, which allows for better blood flow.

And the bigger the dose… the bigger the benefit!

At just 100 mg per day, the folks in the study saw an impressive improvement in stiffness of 5 percent. But at a higher dose of 300 mg per day, that benefit nearly doubled, with stiffness improving by 9.1 percent.

Even more amazingly, they saw those remarkable changes in as little as TWO WEEKS!

Folks given a placebo, on the other hand, actually got STIFFER over that period.

The only downside is that the amount of resveratrol in each glass of red wine can vary dramatically. Sometimes, different vintages of the same wine can have vastly different levels.

Even in the best of conditions, you still won’t get anything close to the levels used in the study from a glass or two of wine.

I’m not saying DON’T get it from wine. If you like the stuff, feel free to enjoy it in moderation.

But if you want the disease-beating, age-fighting, heart-protecting benefits in the amounts used in cutting-edge studies such as this one, be sure to take a supplement as well.

Resveratrol is found both on its own and as in antioxidant blends. As always, look for a quality formula from a maker you trust.

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