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Unplanned weight loss could be a warning

Losing weight? Don’t celebrate — not yet anyway!

Sure, if you’re actively trying to drop a few pounds and they start coming off with a little old-fashioned hard work and determination, go ahead and throw yourself that party.

But if you’re a little older… and losing weight without knowing why… it’s not some fancy magic trick, and it’s NOT your metabolism suddenly doing you a favor.

It could be a WARNING sign!

Losing weight in old age without a diet might be one of the first symptoms of Alzheimer’s disease, popping up so early that the memory loss and other problems haven’t really kicked in yet.

In a new study, researchers tried to get to the bottom of studies that show skinny people are more likely to develop dementia.

Rest easy, skinny people.

Overall, you DON’T have a higher risk of Alzheimer’s, according to this new report.

But that’s only if you’re skinny because you’re naturally wired to be a stick figure.

If you’re generally on the rounder side — especially on a genetic level — and start to lose weight in your senior years, then you MIGHT have a problem.

The study finds the only higher risk of Alzheimer’s in slender folks is in people who drop those pounds when they get older.

It’s possible that long before you notice any other sign of the disease, you could start to lose your appetite, eat less, and lose weight… and while you might be thrilled at first, you’ll be much less happy about it when you find out why it’s happening.

If you’ve been losing weight and don’t know why, I’m not trying to get you to panic… and I’m not suggesting you pig out, because putting the weight back on certainly won’t stop whatever process is going haywire.

Heck, it might make it worse, especially if you load up on brain-rotting carbs.

Instead, consider the weight loss a signal that it’s time to take action with the natural treatments proven to boost your brain and block dementia — and there’s no better place to start than with plain old B vitamins.

A blend of B6, B12, and folate is so effective at brain protection that it’s being tested as a possible “new drug” for patients battling cognitive decline.

You don’t have to wait for that “drug.” You can find this same blend right now in any decent B complex on sale at your local vitamin shop or health food store.

Along with boosting your B’s, talk to your doc about other steps you can take to protect your brain, cut your risk and prevent this disease before it starts.

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