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Brain protection by the barrel!

Some killjoys out there simply REFUSE to believe that anything you might enjoy could possibly be good for you.

Doesn’t matter how many studies prove a little booze can cut your disease risk, they’ll trot out tired old teetotaler talking points in a desperate attempt to dismiss them.

Well, friend, they can’t dismiss this one… because it takes the BIGGEST argument they have against booze and shuts it down!

This new study shows that a little wine can protect the mind.

But it shows so much more than that, too. It also shows HOW and WHY it works!

So, pour a glass of your favorite — red, white, or sparkling — and kick back while I uncork a new study bound to be a classic vintage of research.

This one explains why people who love wine are often sharper well into old age… and why moderate drinkers have a lower risk of cognitive decline and dementia.

And the key to that protection in your brain starts in your GUT!

This new study looked specifically at the compounds formed in the stomach as wine is digested and broken down. They’re called metabolites, and the researchers isolated them from urine and fecal samples of drinkers.

Who said science is glamorous?

They specifically isolated the metabolites the body’s known to crank out from the phenolic acid and aroma compounds in wine.

Then, they watched what happened when those metabolites hooked up with neurons, or some of the most important cells in the brain.

It was like love at first sight.

Those metabolites not only protected the neurons, they even STOPPED THEM FROM DYING, especially when the cells were exposed to the kind of stress that usually causes them to kick the bucket (or maybe in this case, kick the barrel).

These metabolites weren’t from heavy boozers. They formed in the guts of folks who drank an average of about 8.5 ounces of wine per day.

That’s not quite two glasses daily, or the very picture of a moderate habit.

Make no mistake about it. This study’s a BIG DEAL because it makes mincemeat out of the main argument used by the booze-hating teetotalers. They claim the only reason studies show drinkers are healthier is that most moderate drinkers are already healthy in the first place.

But this shows clearly and scientifically how the booze triggers a REAL biological reaction inside the body that gives your brain a boost just when it needs it most.

So, never, ever apologize for enjoying yourself. If you like wine, pour yourself a glass and drink up… and if you want another reason to sip away, I’ll have it for you on Friday.

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