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Don’t ignore these warning signs!

What, ME worry???

You don’t have to be that gap-toothed kid from MAD magazine to share that attitude.

Turns out some heart patients and folks at a high risk of a ticker ready to explode have all the self-awareness of Alfred E. Neuman.

These are folks who AREN’T healthy by any stretch of the definition — yet some of them actually think they don’t need to change a thing!

The new study identified multiple major risk factors for heart problems, and not the kind you need a special lab test to spot. These are the ones that should be OBVIOUS, including obesity, heavy drinking, diabetes, a crummy diet of junk food, and a chronic condition known as sitting-on-your-butt-all-day-itis.

None of that’s healthy, and it’s especially bad if you can tick off multiple items on that list, right?

Most folks seem to know it. In fact, 80 percent of patients with at least three major and obvious risk factors for heart problems recognize they should make some changes.

Many of them aren’t DOING anything about it, mind you. But they at least KNOW they should.

But the flipside of that is a stunning 20 percent of folks who are essentially walking timebombs who REFUSE to accept that anything’s wrong!

With close to 160 million Americans now overweight (and 80 million of them obese) that adds up to millions — maybe even TENS OF MILLIONS — who are so delusional they think nothing’s wrong.

Don’t turn yourself into Alfred E. Neuman.

If you’re obese, have a crummy diet, and spend most of the day with your meat parked in a seat… if you have one or more obvious risk factors for heart problems… it’s time to recognize reality and make some serious changes.

What, YOU worry? Yes, WORRY — because you ARE at risk, even if you haven’t had a heart problem.

It’s more like you haven’t had a heart problem YET.

You don’t have to follow mainstream health advice to a “T” if you’re at risk. Heck, it’s best if you ignore most of it, because going low-salt, low-cal, and low-fat won’t improve your life.

It’ll RUIN it!

Just follow the time-tested, science-backed advice you’ve read right here in the Daily Dose and switch to a back-to-basics diet of fresh foods with minimal carbs and zero added sugars.

Go for a brisk walk each day and stay on your feet as much as you can and you’ll get all the “exercise” you need.

You’ll eat better, lose weight and your heart risk will plunge.

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