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‘Healthy’ soda is Coke’s newest cola scam

They’re REALLY getting desperate now!

Soda sales are going flat as Americans get the message that NONE of this stuff — regular OR diet — is doing them any favors.

So, Coke is experimenting overseas with what they no doubt hope will be the NEXT BIG THING in soft drinks.

They’re banking on “COKE WITH FIBER” to stop sales from fizzling out, selling this new version of its classic cola right now over in Japan.

The actual came of the product is Coca-Cola Plus, a diet soft drink with 5 grams of fiber added — and they’re acting as if they’ve just concocted a magical health tonic.

“Drinking one Coca-Cola Plus per day with food will help suppress fat absorption and help moderate the levels of triglycerides in the blood after eating,” the company claims.


This is DIET SODA for crying out loud — artificially-sweetened battery acid — and a cola a day of any kind isn’t going to give you better health no matter what they dump inside it.

And it’s certainly not going to give you a boost if the “secret ingredient” is dextrin.

That’s all they’ve added to this drink.

Dextrin is the main form of fiber found in supplements such as Benefiber. This stuff absorbs water in the colon and then rapidly swells, leading to toilet-clogging bowel movements.

Given that the soda has nearly double the 3 grams of dextrin in that Benefiber, you might want to make sure the plunger’s handy. Heck, you might want to make sure you have a plumber on speed dial!

Beyond that, don’t make any big plans to enjoy soda-induced good health… because while we all need a little fiber, adding some to your soda isn’t going to solve a single health problem.

And if the phrase “fat absorption” makes it seem as if this stuff will help you lose weight, let me assure you: It won’t. Diet soda — with or without fiber — isn’t proven to help speed weight loss.

Some studies show diet soda drinkers are more likely to GAIN weight!

There’s really only one use for this stuff, and it’s in the toilet… but instead of using it to clog the toilet, use it to CLEAN the toilet!

I’m serious. Coke products work like a charm: Dump it in, let it sit about and hour and scrub away. You get a clean commode, and the Coke gets sent exactly where it belongs.

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