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Urgent new warning for diabetics

Think thinning hair’s bad? That’s nothing… because you could have something else going thin right beneath it, right now.

You could have THINNING BRAIN!

Being overweight or having diabetes is tougher on the old noggin than a hammer to the head.

And if you’ve got both, new research nails home what you’re facing.

Let me warn you in advance: It’s not a pretty picture.

The new study finds that your cortex — the actual GRAY MATTER we talk about so much when it comes to brain health — can actually start to thin out into tissue paper.

Specifically, obese folks with diabetes see the cortex shrivel up in the regions responsible for everything you need for your day-to-day function, including the parts that control memory, movement, visual information processing, and even the all-important executive function.

The reason? Blame that excess blood sugar, which can rush through your brain and rot out everything it touches.

If you have diabetes, you’re already struggling to keep it under control at any weight. But the study finds that obese diabetics are much more likely to lose control over their hemoglobin A1C than normal-weight people with the disease.

And the longer these folks had the disease, the bigger the effect in the brain.

I told you it wasn’t a pretty picture — but I’m not here to spread gloom and doom. If you’re diabetic, it’s time for some changes… especially if you’re a few too many pounds over the line.

It’s time to get serious, because if you let it go too far you’ll be facing dementia — a condition so common in diabetics that it’s often called “type 3 diabetes.”

In the study, EVERY diabetic — at ANY weight — blew it on memory tests, so clearly, you need to do everything you can to bring both your waistline and your blood sugar under control.

That sounds easy enough on paper. Drop a few pounds, and watch your sugar.

Out in the real world, it’s a lot tougher than it sounds, as you no doubt have learned the hard way.

Maybe you tried Weight Watchers and its weirdo confessional meetings. Maybe you forced yourself to choke down Jenny Craig’s cardboard dinners until you were ready to jump off the roof.

Or maybe you’ve tried to follow the lame-o advice from the mainstream to count calories, carbs, fat, and salt until you practically dream in numbers.

I’m here to say there’s a simpler way: Ditch anything that raises blood sugar as much as you can. That’s obviously sugar, but it includes the rest of the carbs — even so-called healthy carbs like whole grains — and ESPECIALLY processed foods.

Give it a shot. Most folks who commit find it a heck of lot easier than expected. And when you see the results — sometimes in a matter of days — it’ll be a lot easier to stick to it, too.

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