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Could you have a stroke… and NOT even know it?

I’ve never understood the term “mini stroke.”

It’s like saying you’ve got a mini gunshot wound!

Sure, some strokes — and some gunshot wounds — do a heck of a lot more damage than others, but you really don’t want anything to do with either of them, ever.

If you’re shot, at least, you’ll know it the moment it happens. A stroke’s another story.

It can happen so quietly that you might actually ignore the warning signs.

New research reveals how ONE in THREE adults in America have suffered a so-called mini stroke… and almost NONE of them got help for it!

The study finds that just 3 percent sought immediate medical attention.

The rest? They let it come… let it go… and otherwise ignored it or maybe only mentioned it in passing next time they were in the doctor’s office.

That’s a horrific mistake, because while it might be called a “mini” stroke, these things lead to MAJOR risk.

A mini stroke is also known as a transient ischemic attack. Some docs like calling them “warning strokes,” and that’s a much better name because that’s often just what they are.

They’re a warning — a little shake before a major quake, because 15 percent of the time, a much more serious stroke comes next.

That’s the nation’s #3 cause of death and one of the leading causes of disability in seniors. But if you get a warning, you can take action to cut it off, prevent the “big one,” and save your own life.

So, watch out for those warning signs.

The big ones are drooping face, weak arms, and slurred speech — but confusion, dizziness, numbness, difficulty understanding people around you, and balance problems could all indicate a stroke as well, especially if they slam you out of the blue.

If you feel or act drunk and haven’t touched a drop of booze, that’s a warning sign!

The funny thing is, just reading that list, you know yourself that ALL of those symptoms are bad news. Everyone does. It’s just common sense.

In the new study, folks were even asked what they’d do if a friend or loved one had any of those symptoms.

More than half said they wouldn’t screw around. They’d get on the horn and call 911.

Yet these same folks didn’t make that call when THEY felt those same warning signs!

So, if you have any doubts at all about what you’re feeling… even a HINT that you might be having a stroke, “mini” or otherwise… don’t try to tough it out like a movie hero.

Call 911.

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