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Beat sciatica without drugs

I’ve got a neighbor who’s better than the weatherman when it comes to predicting rain.

If his sciatica is acting up, pack an umbrella!

But if you have this painful condition yourself, you know being a human barometer isn’t worth the tradeoff. Heck, you’d rather wander out naked in a thunderstorm than have to battle yet another debilitating flare-up.

It’s not just back pain.

It’s back pain that kicks you in the butt — literally — and then shoots right down into your legs.

The only thing worse than the pain is the fact that it DOESN’T get better, because new research reveals the sickening truth about one of the top treatments docs throw at this condition.

It doesn’t work!

It’s a med called pregabalin, a.k.a. Lyrica.

Officially, it’s approved for conditions such fibromyalgia and diabetic nerve pain.

Unofficially, it’s become an off-label smash hit thanks to shady behind-the-scenes marketing. Back in 2009, Pfizer was forced to cough up $2.3 BILLION in fines for illegally marketing this and three other drugs off-label. (That might sound like a lot, but the crooks at Pfizer sucked in $50 billion in revenue that year.)

Think that’s hurt sales? Think again — it’s still widely used off-label for unapproved conditions including sciatica.

But the new study shows that it’s NO BETTER than a placebo… and not just for folks with a little bit of pain.

In patients with an average pain intensity higher than a 6 out of 10 — the “severe” pain category — the folks who did slightly better were the ones who took a PLACEBO!

After three months, they had pain levels of 3.1, while folks given the drug were at a 3.7. Technically, that’s a tie, since the difference isn’t significant — but it’s not a draw when it comes to side effects.

A stunning 40 PERCENT of folks on the drug were battling dizziness, and many fought off other problems… and that’s not even the worst of the risks Lyrica can throw your way.

This drug is actually ADDICTIVE, and if you stop taking it suddenly you can even suffer SEIZURES!

Obviously, if you’re taking it right now for sciatica — or anything else — don’t just quit on your own.

Work with a doc on finding a safe way to wean yourself off.

He might suggest a steroid called prednisone instead, but a study a couple years back found that’s no better than a placebo either.

Get back to basics with sciatic pain. A heat pack… regular stretching exercises… and going for a walk each day can do more to cut pain levels than any of those drugs.

And if you still need help, talk to a doc about your nondrug options including spinal manipulation and acupuncture.

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