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Cut your prostate cancer risk in half

Got your eye on that fancy new espresso machine?

Well, friend, here’s your excuse to justify that price tag — because shelling out a little extra for some high-octane java can do more than give you an eye-popping energy boost.

It could STOP prostate cancer in its tracks!

I’m sure you already know how coffee in general can cut the risk of this disease. But the latest research from the land o’ lattes shows how you can get an even bigger benefit if you like your coffee darker than mud and stronger than battery acid.

And if you drink Italian-style coffees several times a day, you could completely avoid this KILLER disease, as the MORE you drink… the LOWER your risk!

Keep yourself wired with three cups of Italian-style coffee per day, and your risk of prostate cancer will be cut in HALF, according to the study of some 7,000 men tracked for four years.

The key is to prepare your coffee the Italian way.

As the new study out of Italy points out, you really need just two things to make it the way they do: very high pressure, and scalding-hot water.

You don’t even need a filter. In fact, you SHOULDN’T use a filter if you’re making honest-to-goodness espresso.

The result is pure jet fuel, a dark and delicious blend with maximum caffeine — and that’s the real key.

In the new study, the researchers didn’t just track the men and their coffee habits. They also did some lab experiments putting coffee extract up against cancer cells.

Decaf was as toothless as the drink itself.

But real espresso? That was another story — because the turbo-charged caffeinated extract cut the ability of the cancer cells to grow and metastasize.

Now THAT’S the power of coffee for you!

Don’t get any funny ideas from Starbucks. The Italians don’t pump sugary syrups into their coffee, and they certainly don’t top it with whipped cream, caramel, and sprinkles.

Neither should you.

When you’ve got GOOD espresso, you don’t NEED any of that other junk anyway.

If this stuff is a little too potent, you can mellow it out with a little fresh cream.

Of course, that’s not all coffee can do for you. It can also protect your heart, boost your brain, and even prevent Alzheimer’s disease.

If you STILL don’t have it in you to pay the extra scratch for a fancy Italian machine, don’t sweat it. You can get many of the same benefits — including cancer protection — from plain old donut shop coffee.

Just avoid the donuts.

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