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This prostate risk factor isn’t what you think

Docs know. You know. And THEY know that YOU know.

The jig is up, because you ALL know prostate cancer is usually harmless. Most men no longer panic and rush into treatment the moment a doc first utters the “c” word.

But while a low-risk prostate tumor probably won’t kill you… the dramatic drop in treatment has been absolutely killing doctors’ bank accounts!

So, they’re fighting back.

They’ve cooked up a new scam to win back business, one that could put the fear right back into you. If you have a family history of the disease, they claim, you MUST be at a higher risk.

So, you’d better get treatment, right?


New research exposes the ugly truth: Once you already have prostate cancer, family history is about as much of a risk factor as being born on a Tuesday.

It doesn’t make a lick of difference!

The new analysis of six studies looked at guys with a family history who got treated and guys with that same history who chose “surveillance” instead.

That’s just what it sounds like. Instead of getting drugged, zapped, or sliced open, you visit a doc every now and then to check on the tumor, run some tests and make sure it isn’t getting any ideas.

IF — and only IF — it turns out to be a rare tumor that suddenly starts growing, THEN you can consider treatment.

In most cases, it doesn’t come to that.

And according to the new study, that’s just as true for guys with a family history of the disease as it is for guys without.

Any doc who tells you otherwise isn’t looking to protect your prostate.

He’s trying to pad his paycheck!

The studies in the analysis show the tumors don’t advance no matter which measure you want to use. Two of them looked at specific markers of disease progression — including PSA — and found they don’t move any faster in guys with a family history of the disease.

Another study even found no difference in the risk of advanced prostate cancer no matter how many of your relatives have had the disease.

Even if your dad, his brothers, and their grandpa have all had prostate cancer, it doesn’t mean your own tumor is going to turn on you.

So, you don’t always need treatment even if you DO have cancer — but, of course, it’s still better not to have a tumor in the first place.

Later today, I’m going to share the surprising secret to cutting that risk so you never have to worry about prostate cancer — and it’s something you can enjoy one sip at a time.

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