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Beat neuropathy WITHOUT drugs

It’s like wrestling a bear.

Living with diabetes is a constant battle where you never really have the upper hand.

Not for long, anyway.

Just when you THINK you’ve got it all under control… just when you THINK you’ve “adjusted” to living with the disease, the meds, and their side effects… that bear rears its ugly head.

Now, the mainstream has cooked up a plan to fight one of those conditions that strike as diabetes progresses.

It’s called peripheral neuropathy, a painful nerve condition that’s not far off from an actual bear attack, since it can leave your feeling like your feet are being ripped right off your body.

But the latest study pushes treatments that have nothing to do with your feet OR your nerves.

They think it’s all in your head!

They’re pushing out antidepressant drugs as the supposed answer for painful neuropathy, claiming they work best.

In some cases, they claim even anti-seizure meds will do the trick.

They’re even recommending pregabalin, better known as Lyrica, a dangerous and addictive med that can screw with everything from your weight to your personality to your sleep.

But if you want to know what a joke all this is, check this out: They admit straight-up that this NEW study finds Lyrica doesn’t work nearly as well as in the OLD study.

They’re claiming the antidepressants are better.


And the next one will claim, what? Here’s a guess: Maybe those antidepressants don’t work so well, either. Time to switch to whatever flavor-of-the-month med is in vogue by then instead.

But if you’re suffering from painful diabetic neuropathy, you don’t have time to wait for that next dumb study, and you certainly don’t want to waste your time — and your life — bouncing around from one bad med to the next.

There are far better, much safer, and way more effective answers out there that can push the bear back into its cage and give you quick and lasting relief from nerve pain.

The one many diabetics swear by is thiamine, a simple B vitamin with a twist: Natural thiamine is water-soluble, so much of it goes in one end and right out the other.

There’s a synthetic form called benfotiamine that’s created to be fat-soluble instead, so you absorb FIVE TIMES as much, and it’s been proven to be effective against diabetic neuropathy as well as other diabetic complications.

You’ll find it available both on its own and as part of supplement blends to help with blood sugar support. As always, stick to a quality formula from a maker you trust.

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