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The secret to predicting how long you’ll live

The secret to your age… the key to whether you’ll LIVE for decades or DIE tomorrow… could be sitting directly under your hair RIGHT NOW.

New research shows how your BRAIN could be aging at a different rate from the rest of you.

You might have silver hair, wrinkled hands, and a face that looks like a map of Boston… but if your BRAIN is young, then YOU’RE young, and you have a lower risk of dropping dead.

On the flipside, you could look half your age on the outside and have a brain old enough to have voted for Teddy Roosevelt — and if that’s your story, you could be meeting him in person sooner than you think.

The key to that “brain age” is in its size. The smaller it’s getting, the faster you’re aging and the sooner you can expect to swap hunting stories with Teddy.

On average, guys with a brain eight years older than their real age have a higher risk of dropping dead before 80. Ladies, it’s worse for you: Shave just two years off your gray matter, and your odds of seeing 80 are dropping by the minute.

These folks with older brains had other problems, too. They walked slower, breathed harder, and had a weaker grip and less electricity upstairs in the form of lousy cognitive performance.

And it all starts from a smaller brain!

So how do you tell how big (or small) your brain is to figure out its age?

That’s the catch! You can’t — not easily, anyway. The new study used MRIs, and the great thing about those machines is that they use no radiation.

The crummy thing is that you might not get your insurer to pony up the cash to pay for the thing for measuring brain volume.

Frankly, I’m not sure you need it no matter who’s laying out the scratch.

If you’re past a certain age, your brain almost certainly IS shrinking. The only question is how much.

The answer, in any case, isn’t to figure out what’s melted off your noggin.

It’s slowing it down from here so you don’t lose any more of that gray matter.

One quick way to do that is with a B complex. A blend of B6, B12, and folate has the power to slow “brain shrink.”

And it works best in folks who need it most: Studies show a B complex can slow brain shrink even in folks who are already suffering from cognitive decline.

You can find a decent B complex in any vitamin store, health food shop, or online for about a nickel a day.

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