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Experts: Everything you’ve heard about saturated fats is FALSE


I may be exaggerating, but not by much — especially when it comes to your health. Pretty much EVERYTHING the mainstream tells you is flat-out false.

And now, even top-notch researchers are sick of the half-truths, mistruths, and deliberate lies that have dominated the medical field.

They’re out with a damning new report that KILLS the two biggest and most common pieces of health advice.

You know what they are: Avoid fat, and exercise like a fiend.

Turns out neither one of those factors will cut your risk of dropping dead from heart attack or heart disease.

Heck, they might even CAUSE those problems!

The editorial from TOP cardiologists — including the editors of the journals JAMA Internal Medicine and BMJ Open Heart — says a review of the evidence finds NO LINK AT ALL between saturated fats in the diet and clogged-up arteries in the body.

They even point out just what you’ve read here in the Daily Dose: The main treatments for gummed-up pipes are pretty much guaranteed to fail.

You know how the mainstream handles it.

First, they treat the arteries like a plugged toilet and force a stent inside to prop it open. Next, they pump you full of statin drugs to keep fats out of your blood.

And last, they’ll tell you to join a gym and start running on a treadmill like a hamster in an exercise ball.

But the research teams says stents DON’T cut the risk of heart attack or death, and the focus on LDL cholesterol is the result of pure bunk — or, as they put it, “selective reporting of data.”

The REAL answer isn’t to cut LDL or avoid cholesterol, and it’s not to exercise like a fiend in some stinky gym.

It’s in getting back to basics.

First, they said, instead of cutting LDL by avoiding saturated fats, boost your HDL by eating REAL food. The prime example they gave will sound awfully familiar to Dose readers: Cut back on refined carbs.

And second, instead of spinning on that hamster wheel, get up and go out for a walk, since studies show a brisk stroll is BETTER for cutting heart risk than “real” exercise like running.

This is common-sense stuff, but the researchers say there’s ONE key reason this isn’t the mainstream’s main advice for heart patients right now: There’s no money in it for anyone!

“There is no business model or market to help spread this simple yet powerful intervention,” they wrote.

So forget business models and markets. Make it your LIFE model to get back to basics so you can live better… healthier… and LONGER.

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