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The perfect reason to eat MORE cheese!

I was at a wedding over the weekend, and at the reception they had the usual setup: a table with a cheese platter and a veggie tray.

Do I even have to tell you which one emptied out first?

The cheese tray looked like it had been ransacked by starving refugees… but you could stash your wallet under the veggie tray, knowing it would be perfectly safe there.

No one touched it!

Well, friend, it’s time to make your own cheese tray at home. Stock up, and enjoy some as a treat every day — because the latest research shows how a key ingredient in certain cheeses can protect your liver.

And the STINKIER that cheese… the MORE protection you’ll get!

They key is a compound called spermadine, which helps certain cheeses give off that distinct love-it-or-hate-it odor.

Bleu cheese is LOADED with the stuff, as well as other aged cheeses including Brie, parmesan, and cheddar.

In the new study, mice given supplements of this spermadine stuff lived up to 25 percent longer, but don’t get too excited about that benefit. The researchers say IF this applied in humans, you’d have to pretty much start on spermadine from birth.

But there was ANOTHER benefit that might have a much BIGGER impact, and you don’t have to fill baby bottles with bleu cheese to get in on this one.

The mice given the spermadine supplements also had much less damage in the liver.

Specifically, they had lower levels of fibrosis.

Liver fibrosis is bad news, no matter how you look at it.

It’s when constant inflammation causes your liver to get more scars than Freddy Krueger, which wipes out the function of the cells in those spots and makes it harder for your liver to do its job.

You can get those scars from chronic disease, such as hepatitis B or C, or heavy boozing.

But they’re also caused by something far more common: non-alcoholic fatty liver disease, or when obesity leads to fat gumming up the liver so it gets inflamed and scarred.

It’s so common that one in four American adults now have at least some degree of fatty liver — and that, in turn, puts them at risk of serious and even deadly liver problems including cirrhosis and cancer.

Obviously, if you continue down the path of obesity and diabetes, all the cheese in the world won’t take the stink out of your liver.

It’s going to suffer, and suffer BIG.

But if you flip your diet around, get back to basics, drop a few pounds, and help keep your liver free of that fat, a little cheese in your diet just might help slow or reverse the damage, protect the organ, and save your life.

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