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The ‘diet’ ingredient that’ll wreck your diet

It’s official: If you want a diet that works in your BODY, stay away from anything and everything that says “diet” on the LABEL.

I’m sure you’ve “been there, don’t that” with this stuff.

Who hasn’t?

You switch to diet cola and other sugar-free snacks thinking the pounds will melt off like butter in a hot pan.

Instead, you find it harder than ever to lose weight… and you might even gain it, especially those unsightly and stubborn bits of blubber than cling right to your middle.

Well, friend, you have the right idea in giving up sugar. But you took the wrong approach by switching to sugar substitutes, as new research shows they can put the freeze on your metabolism.

And that can make you actually GAIN the very weight you’ve been trying to LOSE!

Researchers compared samples of belly fat taken (OUCH!!!) from eight diet soda drinkers as well as folks who don’t touch the stuff.

In the diet soda drinkers, they found that the fat cells had an open door for sugar. Glucose was able to slip inside more easily than in the fat cells of folks who don’t drink diet sodas.

That’s a dangerous effect in anyone.

But it’s far worse for folks with diabetes or pre-diabetes, who already have problems with too much sugar in the blood, allowing even MORE sugar to sneak inside those cells.

And once it gets in, it’s party time: The study finds that the genes inside the cells that create more fat end up going crazy, working overtime to crank out blubber.

The study looked at fat from both the obese and folks with a normal weight. And sure enough, the effect was biggest in the people who already had too much extra weight on the middle.

That can make it harder — maybe even IMPOSSIBLE — to lose weight, and that’s not all the researchers found.

They also did some experiments on stem cells from fat, muscle, cartilage and bone, and then added drops of sucralose to the mix to see what would happen.

It was like adding Miracle-Gro, except instead of getting a lawn thick with grass they got cells thick with FAT — because the sweetener seemed to activate the genes responsible for both fat and inflammation.

Those are two shifty characters you want nothing to do with… but the artificial sweeteners in “diet” soda seem to ATTRACT them.

The study focused on sucralose (a.k.a. Splenda), but don’t kid yourself into thinking that any of the others are better.

Pretty much all of them have been linked to metabolic problems, including weight gain and diabetes; so your best bet is to make a clean break from sweets no matter what’s inside them.

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