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The big LIE behind blood pressure targets

You’ve heard “the speech.”

If your blood pressure is even a little on the high side — by mainstream standards that is — you’ve no doubt been cajoled, harassed, and practically threatened.

Your doc will claim that NOT bringing your BP down could KILL you.

And if that doesn’t work, you might even be BRIBED into taking blood pressure meds with samples and rebates.

How could you say no to all that?

Well, friend, it’s time to work on your NO skills, because that’s an offer you CAN and SHOULD refuse!

The researchers behind a major blood pressure trial that’s been used to manipulate patients into taking meds are right now struggling to answer new questions over their study.

And if your doc has tried to medicate you into hitting a systolic (“top number”) BP target of 120 or less, he’s no doubt starry-eyed over that study himself.

But there’s a HUGE problem with this thing.


The issues being raised now throw this entire study out the window — because it turns out the research team pretty much lied about how they cooked up this way-too-low target.

They claimed to have eliminated the so-called “white coat effect,” which is when your blood pressure rises just by being in the presence of a doctor or nurse. They cooked up a screwy system where the doc or nurse was supposed to set the volunteers up and leave the room, after which a machine would do the job.

That’s already weird. But it turns out they DIDN’T leave the room in many cases. They hung around, leaving the white coat effect fully in force.

Now, top experts say the 120 target in the study is pretty much the same as the 140 they’d been using all along.

Even if you figure it’s worth a shot anyway… if you’re the extra-cautious type and want every possible edge… the study found you’d have to treat 1,000 patients for 3.2 years to help just 16 people.

But of those same 1,000 people, 22 others would be HURT by the treatment needed to bring their BP down to that 120 level.

That’s because it takes meds — often MULTIPLE meds — to hit those levels, and those drugs pack big risks, especially when you pile them up like firewood.

So, don’t fall for it.

If your BP is just a little high, don’t stress it. In most cases, it’s not the big deal it’s been made out to be.

If it’s WAY high… or rises suddenly… you don’t need meds.

You need a doc with the smarts to figure out WHY it’s rising and HOW to fix it.

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