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A “kid” problem is turning into a senior crisis

A couple of weeks ago, I was out on the road when I found myself behind a driver changing speeds and weaving like a drunk.

He wasn’t drunk.

This kid was messing with his phone!

Eventually, the road opened up to two lanes. As I passed this clown, I paused alongside him to deliver THE GLARE… but the kid was so engrossed in his phone that he never looked up.

Then I noticed that this “kid” had silver hair and wrinkles.

I always figured us older folks were too smart to be messing around with our phones when we drive. That’s something dopey young drivers do.

But a new study shows the silver-haired “kid” I saw was hardly the only one — because SIXTY PERCENT of seniors admit to using their cellphones while driving.

Some are talking. Some are texting. Some are talking AND texting.

Of the 60 percent, more than a quarter were driving around their grandkids, engaging in distracted driving while entrusted with some pretty precious cargo.

And those are just the ones who admit to it! Who knows that the real numbers are?

But clearly, this epidemic isn’t restricted to age groups anymore.

I get it. “Distracted driving” is something we HATE when we see other people doing it… but we all think we can do it ourselves.

The new study even finds that 75 percent of seniors think they can safely handle using a phone while driving, especially the hands-free ones.

But none of us are sharp as we think we are. Multitasking is tough enough just doing something simple, like making dinner — but at least in those cases, most accidents just leave a mess in your kitchen.

Out in the streets, you could ruin someone’s life… or end it… and that someone’s life could be your own.

I’m not going to let the Daily Dose turn into the Daily Lecture, so I’m just going to let the numbers speak for themselves: A senior’s killed in an auto wreck about every 90 minutes, and one’s injured in a car crash every two and a half minutes.

I don’t know how many of those involve cellphones, but the things cause 1.6 MILLION car accidents every year so you can be darn sure they’re playing a big role here.

And you can bet that in every single one of those accidents, there was a driver who was absolutely sure he could handle a phone and the wheel at the same time.

He was wrong. Don’t let yourself be wrong on this one. Do what you can to make sure you’re not part of these numbers.

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