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You won’t believe where docs are getting their info

I wouldn’t trust Google to give me the right instructions to unclog the toilet, so I sure as heck wouldn’t rely on them to tell me the best way to unclog arteries.

Yet every day, MILLIONS turn to “Doctor Google” for help — and it’s not just you and your friends trying to figure out what’s causing that rash.


In what may be the surest sign that the entire medical industry is flat-out doomed, a new survey finds that medical and pre-med students use Google more than their textbooks.

Nearly a THIRD of them said they go online to get medical information at least TWENTY TIMES per day!

The 180 med and pre-med students surveyed were also asked to rank their top sources of medical information.

Care to guess what finished at Number One?

Not the online version of the Merck Manuals. Not the Mayo Clinic. Not even WebMD.


Once again GOOGLE finished at the top, with 47 percent of students saying they turned to the search engine first.

One-third of the students chose medical websites over Google, but don’t take too much comfort in that.

In most cases, they went to websites based on Google rankings, NOT based on how thorough, reliable, and up-to-date the information is.

Just 7 percent said they chose medical texts first.

Of course, the best information costs money… and anyone hoping to make a living in the field should have a subscription to the top medical websites aimed at professionals.

But 40 percent of the students griped that “pay walls” were a problem for them.

You know what that means, right?

They’re turning to FREE information. And too often, that information is worth exactly what they paid for it: nothing!

What makes this especially alarming is that these docs aren’t just the future of medicine. Many of them are the RIGHT NOW of medicine, as ginormous corporate medical practices hire up docs fresh out of school because they’re younger, cheaper, and easier to control.

So, let this be a lesson to you: It might SEEM like younger docs would have newer, better information, but most of them are getting that information the same way you do.

They’re “Googling” it.

I’m not saying older docs are always better. But I will say older docs are ALMOST always better.

So, with few exceptions, make sure your own physician has been around the block a few times.

Make sure he’s seen what goes in the REAL WORLD and not just on Google.

And if you’ve got an older, experienced doc on your team… KEEP HIM!

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