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Cut your heart risk for 4 cents per day

Seems like every darned day, I have to read some breathless report in the media about new DRUG in development and how GREAT it’s going to be for heart patients.

And most of the time, I never hear about again!

Most of them ultimately flunk clinical trials and never even make it to the first steps of the approvals process.

But you don’t have to wait for a “someday” drug to finally deliver after years of empty promises.

New research reveals a simple and inexpensive mineral available right now that could do more for your heart health than all the drugs in the pharmacy.

And if you like oysters, it’s time to celebrate with some on the half-shell tonight — because the answer is ZINC!

When your zinc levels fall short, your heart muscles end up vulnerable to the damage caused by oxidative stress.

If you’re just a LITTLE short, antioxidants such as vitamin E step in and help protect against that damage.

But the new study on pigs finds that when zinc levels remain short over time, the vitamin E can’t keep up. The heart responds by stealing zinc from other parts of the body — including the liver, pancreas, and kidneys.

That’s like robbing Peter to pay Paul.

Eventually, of course, there’s no more zinc to steal… and then REAL damage could start to kick in.

But this study didn’t even go to “eventually.” It didn’t look at the ongoing damage of a long-term zinc shortage – because it found that some of this damage kicks in within just a few days!

Eat a diet low in zinc over the weekend, and your own ticker could be quietly suffering by Monday morning.

And many folks don’t just fall short for a few days here and there. Some 40 percent of older Americans don’t have the levels of zinc they need for overall good health.

But don’t rush out and gobble supplements yet. Zinc is a Goldilocks mineral: You don’t want too little, but you don’t want too much either, since that could cause problems of its own.

You need your levels to be JUST RIGHT.

So, get yourself tested, ideally by a naturopathic doc who can also help you figure out how to get what you need.

If you need a supplement, you can get zinc tablets for about 4 cents per day… or a year’s supply for under $15.

Let’s see if Big Pharma can top THAT!

I’m not done with heart health yet – I’ll have more coming up later today.

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