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Big Pharma SCAM aimed at desperate cancer patients


Big Pharma has been caught yet again playing funny with the numbers… and once again, the FDA is playing right along.

The very agency that’s supposed to STOP the industry’s shenanigans is instead HELPING them, giving the OK to new drugs based on smoke and mirrors instead of the real-world results that matter to you and your family.

And now, they’ve been caught red-handed trying to bilk the most desperate patients of all: folks dying of cancer.

In what has to be the most reprehensible, unethical, and downright disgusting moneygrab of all, drug companies have been using “alternative facts” to help get their meds approved.

Meds that might’ve flunked real-world tests like overall SURVIVAL would normally get tossed, and it would be back to the drawing board.

But a new study shows how they’re getting a new lease on life thanks to this underhanded move called “progression-free survival.”

Sounds good, right? We ALL want the disease to stop progressing. And we ALL want to survive, right?

Well, that’s what THEY want you to think all right. But while “progression-free survival” is how long you live without the disease advancing, it’s NOT the same as actual survival.

And it turns out many of the drugs that increase “progression-free survival” WON’T add so much as a second to your life when it comes to ACTUAL survival!

Nearly HALF of the 51 studies on 14 FDA-approved immunotherapy cancer drugs — drugs given for 15 types of cancer — found the meds improved progression-free survival without making a dent in overall survival.

As a result, the researchers are warning EVERYONE to take a big step back from these drugs and urging “caution” when going by progression-free survival alone.

Think that’s going to happen?

Of course it won’t!

Immunotherapy drugs are hotter than a boy band right now, and EVERY drug company is trying to climb aboard the gravy train.

If one of these up-and-coming drugs can’t boost overall survival, they’ll just pull the old switcheroo and push it through based on “progression-free survival” instead.

Don’t fall for it.

Immunotherapy certainly IS one of the hottest fields for cancer research right now, but it’s old hat in natural medicine, where doctors have been using drug-free therapies to arm the body’s immune system to fight, slow, stop, and even wipe out tumors.

So, before you turn to some fancy new drug with a high price, lots of risks, and big questions over survival, give the tried-and-true a shot. Seek the advice of a skilled naturopathic physician with experience in drug-free cancer care to get real-world results instead of empty Big Pharma promises.

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