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What they WON’T tell you about trans fats

They’re crowing like roosters at dawn.

The mainstream is celebrating a new analysis that finds next year’s ban on dangerous and unnatural trans fats will SAVE lives.

But I’m not about to let them get too cocky over this… because they CAUSED the problem in the first place!

The new study finds that local communities that have already banned trans fats are seeing big reductions in heart attack and stroke, as well as in death from those conditions.

The analysis looked at multiple counties in New York that banned this junky fat years ago and found they’re already reaping big-time benefits, with hospital admissions for heart attack and stroke dropping like a stone.

Of course, hospital admissions for heart attack and stroke are plunging all over the country, with or without a trans fats ban, so the research team dug a little deeper into the numbers.

They found that trans fats bans caused that rate to sink even faster, dropping those hospital admissions by an extra 8 percent within three years.

That doesn’t just sound good — that IS good.

But, like I said, we can’t give them any credit.

They like to call trans fats the “junk food fat” because it’s used in processed foods and garbage such as snack cakes.

But the REAL reason trans fats became so popular has nothing to do with Little Debbie… and EVERYTHING to do with Big Government!

A few decades back, the Nanny State Ninnies decided to push EVERYONE away from honest-to-goodness natural animal fats and onto vegetable oils, supposedly because they’re healthier.

The biggest impact of that in most homes?

So long, butter… hello margarine, which is based on vegetable oils!

But vegetable oils are naturally slimy and disgusting. In order to make them resemble butter or lard (in texture at least; they can’t come close in taste), they have to undergo a process called hydrogenation, where hydrogen is pumped in to de-slime and solidify them.

THAT’s the process that produces trans fats — and, believe it or not, they STILL use it, at least to some extent.

Partial hydrogenation also leads to small amounts of trans fats, but thanks to a labeling loophole, they don’t have to list it on the label.

That means there are STILL trans fats hiding in “trans fat-free” foods, and the upcoming “ban” doesn’t close that loophole — so, millions of Americans could be eating foods they THINK are healthy, but really aren’t.

Sure, less trans fat is better than the amounts that were in foods before. But the best amounts are none at all!

So, get back to basics. Ditch the vegetable oils and “buttery spreads” and get back to plain old butter.

And if you’re eating anything in package, don’t trust the label. If it says “partially hydrogenated,” odds are it has trans fats.

Don’t eat it.

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