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EXPOSED: Secret dangers of common drugs

Forget the steroid problem in sports.

There’s a steroid problem in HOMES… and it’s not the drugs the thick-necked freaks are taking to muscle up.

Millions of Americans are given the “other” steroids — corticosteroids — for just about every condition in the book.

Everything from asthma to allergic reactions… rheumatoid to respiratory infections… and pain to prostate cancer could get treated with these meds.

And most people — docs and patients alike — don’t think twice about taking the drugs for a week or less.

It’s just a few days… what could possibly go wrong?

Well, friend, turns out A LOT can go wrong, because the latest research shows these drugs aren’t nearly as safe as you’ve been led to believe. Even a standard six-day dose taken just ONCE could have lasting or even permanent consequences!

The study in British Medical Journal finds oral steroids increase the rate of sepsis — a potentially deadly complication from infection — by FIVE TIMES.

That’s not the only risk, either.

The rate of a dangerous clot known as a venous thromboembolism jumps by THREE times, and rate of a fracture DOUBLES in folks who take these drugs.

The biggest risk is within a few weeks of taking the meds, but the study finds it remains high for as long as THREE MONTHS afterward.

They claim the overall risk is low. At less than 1 percent, I guess it is… on paper.

But I don’t find that very reassuring.

When a drug’s taken by millions, even a half a percent means THOUSANDS will be affected, injured, and possibly even killed by the very treatment that was supposed to help them.

And that’s not even the most frightening part of all this.

Ready for it? The study focused on folks UNDER the age of 65.

If it looked at folks OVER that age — who are already facing a higher rate of bone breaks, infections and other problems — you can bet those risks would be even higher.

There are two simple steps you can take here.

First, don’t take these meds willy-nilly. They’re often given as a FIRST choice, when instead they should be your LAST resort whenever possible, after nondrug treatments fail.

And second, if it turns out you need the things, talk to your doc about the dosing.

Many corticosteroids are sold in handy-dandy six- or seven-day packs that start with a super-high dose on Day 1 and then drop to lower doses each day.

But that first dose could be much too high for many folks, especially if you’re a little older — so, ask if you might better off taking lower-doses pills.

You’ll lose the convenience of the handy-dandy blister pack… but at least you won’t crack a bone over it.

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