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Ease your back pain WITHOUT drugs

Sometimes, conspiracy theories aren’t theories.

They’re 100 percent TRUE!

Almost exactly 30 years ago, a federal judge ruled that the American Medical Association was part of an in illegal conspiracy to DESTROY the chiropractic industry.

The big babies in the mainstream couldn’t stand a little science-backed competition!

Today, we’ve come full circle.

The mainstream has been forced to swallow hard and admit that spinal manipulations not only ease low back pain… they do it as well as the painkillers they’ve been pushing for years.

The new analysis of more than a dozen studies finds that on average, getting your “back cracked” will knock a point off your pain on a 10-point scale.

If your pain’s a 5, it’ll bring you down to a 4.

Is that a big deal?

You bet your spine it is! That’s the SAME benefit you’ll get from NSAID drugs… and the reason it’s a big deal is that it’s not REALLY a measly one-point difference.

Not everything works for everyone. Something that works for your buddy may not work for you, and vice versa.

So that one-point drop isn’t what most people get.

It’s the overall average, which includes people who are helped and people who aren’t.

If you toss out the folks who get no benefit at all, you’ll find the REAL benefit can be far bigger. One analysis in the study found it’s more than TWICE as effective… and, in some folks, a decent spinal manipulation by a chiropractor or an osteopath can END low back pain completely.

That’s why some folks swear by their chiropractors. They don’t need a study; they just know how they felt before, when they were at their wit’s end going from one treatment to another and getting NO relief.

And they know how they felt the very first time they got that tension-easing pop in the spine.

Sometimes, the relief is almost instantaneous, although the new study finds it could take about six weeks before the benefits really kick in.

Don’t want to wait six weeks? Not a problem.

Make those appointments. See your chiropractor weekly. Get your back cracked — but you don’t have to sit around and wait for results.

You can mix spinal manipulation with OTHER pain-fighting benefits to get sweet relief faster.

Heat, anti-inflammatories such as fish oil, and even a new pillow can all work wonders for the most stubborn back pain. If you want to double up, massage and acupuncture are also proven pain-fighters that can ease or end back pain.

And while you’re at it, add one more tool to your kit.

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