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Hidden bacteria… in your lettuce!

The best parts of any salad are the bacon bits and bleu cheese — and if you’re like me, you’re probably done with the dish once you’ve found all those hidden treasures.

It’s not like anyone actually ENJOYS eating lettuce.

We eat it because it’s there and because we’ve been told all our lives that it’s healthy.

Well, friend, if you’re looking for an excuse to pass on the lettuce, then you’ve come to the right place… because two new stomach-turning reports show exactly why this stuff isn’t nearly as good as it’s been made out to be.

It could even turn BAD for you in a hurry.

The first new report finds that bunnies aren’t the only critters that love lettuce.

Researchers at Purdue University say deadly listeria germs are so crazy for romaine lettuce that they can practically move inside for good… and almost NOTHING will get them out.

They can actually crawl deep inside the lettuce tissue — but because it can take up to two months to actually get sick with listeria, most folks who end up ill have no clue what caused it.

You might even think it was last night’s steak dinner… when in reality, it was that “side salad” you had with lunch back in February.

This isn’t surprising to me.

Meat recalls might get the big headlines, but the top source of food poisoning in the nation is actually VEGETABLES — especially greens and sprouts.

And even when there aren’t germs in your greens, you could find some other surprise… and I’m not talking about Cracker Jack toys.

As I’m sure you’ve seen in the second report, a dead BAT was found in bag of salad leaves.

Yes. A bat.

The odds of finding a bat in your bagged salad is probably pretty low, but ANY odds at all might have you thinking twice about buying the stuff.

And let’s face it: A bat might be the healthiest thing in some bagged salads!

You can’t SEE germs — but, like that listeria, they’re often there, swimming in the ooze that lines those bags and forming a nasty film all over the leaves. One study last year found that one particular nasty germ, salmonella, can get into bagged salads and stick so well it can’t be washed off.

If you love greens, don’t let me stop you from eating them. Just be smart about it: Buy whole heads of lettuce when you can, and soak all fresh produce — even the stuff that claims to be “triple-washed” — in hydrogen peroxide.

Let it sit a few minutes, rinse it off, and you’ll have germ-free greens with minimal effort.

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