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Leaky bladder? Put a stop to it today!

You may have served in combat… gone toe-to-toe with titans of business… or had enough backbone to stand up for yourself and your family when it mattered most.

But no matter how steely-eyed tough you’ve been in your life, nothing — and I mean NOTHING — is more humbling than having to slip a box of “adult diapers” into your shopping cart.

It’s so embarrassing that some folks will do just about ANYTHING to plug their leaks… but new research shows how the one thing they turn to most often is no better than a coin toss.

If you take meds to control a leaky bladder, you’ve got a slightly less than 50-50 chance of actually seeing results, according to the new study.

Maybe if it came without risks, you’d be willing to flip that coin anyway.

But some of the most common meds given for incontinence can melt your mind even if they help strengthen your bladder.

They’re part of a drug class called anticholinergics, which “work” by screwing with certain signals in the brain.

You know what happens when you mess with traffic signals. You get a jam — and that’s what happens in your noggin, as studies show seniors who rely on anticholinergics have a higher risk of cognitive decline and dementia.

The risk is so big that it’s practically malpractice to recommend these drugs to older folks!

The new study finds surgery is better than drugs, but even that fails for 1 out of 5 patients… and even if it has a better shot at success, why go under the knife if you don’t have to?

There’s a REAL cure for bladder problems, but it’s not in taking a new med.

It’s in DITCHING some of your OLD ones!

Many of the most common meds taken by seniors can cause you to spring a leak “down there.”

Some of them are obvious, like diuretics. Folks who take those pills often find they need to be within eight steps of a toilet at all times.

But many AREN’T obvious. Painkillers, antidepressants, blood pressure meds, sleeping pills, and more can all turn you into a leaky faucet.

The crazy thing is most of those drugs aren’t even needed in the first place, since sleep problems, pain, mood disorders, and high blood pressure can ALL be treated naturally close to 100 percent of the time.

Don’t stop taking them on your own, but work with a doc instead — ideally a naturopathic physician who can help wean you off the meds and onto safer and more effective options.

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