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This ‘hidden fat’ could be killing you

It’s not your imagination: Everyone really IS getting lazier, and the latest research shows why.

The reason isn’t just kids being kids… it’s not the TV or videogames… and it’s not even a world where it’s easier than ever to do as little as possible.

All of those things might be playing a role, but the REAL reason folks are slow and sluggish could be a secret ingredient hidden in your food.

They’re called polyunsaturated fatty acids, a.k.a. PUFAs.

Not familiar with them? It’s time to get acquainted — because the new study finds they’re making people… especially women… slow, weak, tired and diabetic.

The study looked at both young girls and older women and found the effects of PUFAs are bigger when you’re younger.

But as you get older, they don’t vanish.

Young girls who have the highest levels of PUFAs in the diet are more likely to be lazy. The study finds a STRONG connection between these fats and sedentary behavior.

The study found another connection in older women, and it was one that wasn’t quite as strong, but far more damaging: High levels of PUFAs will increase your risk of diabetes, one of the world’s top killers.

The study didn’t look at men. But guys, I can tell you right now these junky fatty acids aren’t doing you any favors.

OK, the obvious question is: Where are they, and how can I avoid them?

That’s where this gets dicey, because they’re literally EVERYWHERE — and they’re ESPECIALLY found in all of the foods you’ve been told are HEALTHY!

The top sources of PUFAs include margarine and other fake butters, as well as the most common “healthy” cooking oils including corn, soybean, and vegetable oils.

And processed foods are just LOADED with them, so the real message here is to get back to basics.

Say goodbye to processed junk, and enjoy the foods your grandma used to make.

Grandma never cooked with “soybean oil” or any of that other garbage (and odds are, grandma lived into her 90s and was sharp to the end, too).

She used LARD, BUTTER, and maybe some olive oil.

If you’re still using “margarine” any other fake “buttery” spread… if all your meals taste a little off because you made the switch to supposedly healthier vegetable oils… it’s time to switch back.

Once again, it looks like grandma knew best.

Just don’t go too extreme with this, because the real problem with PUFAs are the omega-6 fatty acids that are all over the place.

Omega-3 fatty acids are ALSO polyunsaturated, but it’s the opposite. You want MORE, not less. You can get them by eating a diet loaded with foods rich in omega-3s and taking a fish oil supplement daily.

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