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This kind of diet can KILL you!

You’re no yo-yo… so don’t treat your body like one!

Every spring, Americans are pressured to diet. Gotta get that beach body back!

It’s mostly marketing aimed at younger people to sell diet plans, gym memberships, and swimsuits. But folks across EVERY age group end up getting caught up in this wacky bit of spring fever.

The result?

Yo-yo dieting, where people lose weight in spring and gain it back in fall like a bear getting ready to hibernate.

But this yo-yo dieting isn’t just a DUMB idea.

It’s a DEADLY one, with new research showing how dropping and regaining the same few pounds over and over and over again can actually KILL you.

The study finds that letting your weight bounce up and down will more than double your risk of heart attack, stroke and death.

And it’ll boost your odds of diabetes by 78 percent.

That’s not compared to skinny people. That’s compared to people whose weight never changes at all.

The study finds every three-pound swing in body weight — whether you lose it or gain it — will up your odds of heart attack, surgery to open a plugged artery, chest pain, cardiac arrest, and even DEATH by 4 percent.

In other words, it’s actually better to STAY FAT than to ride the yo-yo!

Of course, that’s not a realistic option either over the long haul.

It might be BETTER to keep the pounds than to constantly lose them and gain them back, but it’s not GOOD for you by any means.

Being overweight or obese is a major risk factor for diabetes, heart disease, heart attack, stroke, and crippling disability — and that’s just the short list.

So, your best option is to lose the weight and keep it off — but that’s an impossible job if you follow the most common options.

Both trendy fad diets and the mainstream’s low-fat, low-salt, no-taste diets almost always fail eventually, in part because they set so many restrictions that they’re impossible to follow over the long run.

Many people lose weight and then not only regain it, but end up fatter than they were before they ever started the diet in the first place.

You’d have to be a yo-yo to think that’s a recipe for success!

But not the low-carb diet.

This one’s different. It’s proven to help you lose weight faster and cut your risk of major disease — and because it allows nearly ALL your favorite foods with no calorie-counting, “point” swapping or mindless restrictions, you can stick to it for life.

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